Crypto: the incredible story of Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT sold for $400,000

New chapter for Cristiano Ronaldo’s unique NFT on Sorare. When the cryptocurrency market meets the physical world.

We told you about it a few months ago, Cristiano Ronaldo’s unique card on Sorare continues to break all records. Launched in-game, it has joined the traditional world by being the subject of an auction in the famous Bonhams house. And a new record has just been broken. A look back at the history of this NFT and a platform that is shaking up the world of cryptos.

Sorare: football manager with a crypto twist

We have already introduced you to Sorare, the French startup that is breaking all the records with its fantasy football game on the Blockchain. Each year, and for each player in the game, 1,111 cards are issued in the form of NFTs. Classified into different levels, the most common ones are issued 1,000 times, the rare ones 100 times, the super rare ones 10 times, and the unique ones… once.

This unique Cristiano Ronaldo card was released on February 21, 2021, on Sorare, in a pack containing 4 other rare cards. After some bidding between the biggest Sorare managers, “VictorCleaner” won the overall auction at a price of 55 ETH per 5 cards, which on the day was just over 105,000 dollars.

In Sorare, managers can use the cards to participate in championships and win prizes (ETH and/or cards). They can also put their cards up for sale to generate profits. The owner made this choice, almost immediately re-listing his unique Cristiano Ronaldo card on the market.

The most expensive card in history on Sorare

It was on March 14 that the card found a buyer, as an investor with the handle “Camembert” chose to invest 150 ETH on this NFT, with a value of $289,000 at the time. Sorare fans have long wondered what the manager would do with the card.

Initially, Camembert chose to use the NFT to compete in various events for several weeks. A good decision, as the card allowed him to earn the equivalent of 4.8 ETH in 5 different championships, combining the value of the cards and the ETH won.

From the New World to the Old World

At the beginning of the school year, the owner of the card changed his mind and decided to put his card back on sale. Contrary to the first resale, the auction did not take place via Sorare, but at Bonhams, a traditional and well-known auction house. The strength of (real) NFTs is that they are not dependent on a platform, and Camembert was able to transfer his card from Sorare to the auction house.

As we mentioned in the title, Cristiano Ronaldo’s NFT was sold for $400,312 by Bonhams. It became the second most expensive football card in history, after a physical card signed by Erling Haaland, which sold for $432,000 last June.

For Camembert, the deal is not as good as it seems. If you look at the price in dollars, the capital gain is excellent, with more than $100,000 earned from this transaction in a few months. If we take the ETH price, it is much more contrasted, the 150 ETH invested at the time are worth a little more than $700,000 at the time of writing.

This is great news for Sorare, which continues to grow and sign new partnerships after its record-breaking $680 million fundraisings. If you want to know more about the concept, contact us today.

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