Customer engagement: How to keep your customers on your website?

Given the abundance of supply and the ease of access to countless suppliers, customers are becoming versatile, and it is difficult to build loyalty when they can access the offer of their small neighbors in a few clicks. Engagement therefore takes on its full meaning for digital channels, and not only.

This involvement can be manifested in different ways. An engaged customer is a customer who invests in the relationship with the brand: they regularly consume its products, they are loyal, they act as a prescriber for their friends and family and on social networks by becoming a real ambassador, they spontaneously give feedback, remarks and opinions to the company, they can even participate in events organized by the brand which are an opportunity for them to meet and exchange. And so on. Of course, not all customers have all these characteristics to be involved in the relationship.

Engagement is built on the basis of a successful experience with the different points of interaction between the consumer and the company.

It should be noted that some authors take this definition in reverse by approaching customer engagement as a behavior on the company side. That is to say the involvement of the latter in the customer relationship. A definition close to the posture of “a customer-centered company”,

The benefits for your company

The virtues of a successful investment in customer relations are anticipation of needs, agility, few lost customers, increased cross-selling and up-selling, strengthening of your competitive position and ultimately improved profits over a long period.

Content should be used to keep customers engaged with your brand.

Once a potential customer has found your brand, they don’t necessarily buy right away. If you don’t find a way to keep them engaged, you risk losing them. It’s your content that will help them stay with you. When you publish content that is relevant to their needs, they will keep coming back to find you on social media, check your website or blog regularly and even subscribe to your newsletter.

While this is not difficult to do, there are some challenges. Companies often stick to creating marketing content for a specific purpose. They may not realize that they need to think about the potential customer in order to be able to provide them with information that will be truly useful. Here is more information on how you can use your content to keep your audience interested:

Know the buyer’s journey

How do you keep your customers on your website?

When companies create seo content, they often don’t have a large enough network and may not even realize it. The truth is that content needs to be created at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Potential customers and prospects want to gather information that will help them find the best product or service to meet their needs. They will gather information by researching products and brands, and they will not make a decision until they are ready. People need this information to help them prepare.

Your goal is to have enough content on your site to answer their questions and make them feel comfortable enough to buy from you. The only reliable way to do this is to think about your content marketing strategy in terms of the journey your potential customers take to get them to buy from you. This is known as the conversion funnel.

Focus on DATA SEO

Data is constantly being collected through social media and tools such as Google Analytics. You need to monitor this data regularly to know how engaged your customers are. Once you know how engaged they are, you can decide how to adapt and change your marketing and content plans. Analytics can help you see which social media platforms are attracting you the most, which content is performing best and also your overall website traffic.

The data can also give you ideas for more content you can write that will keep your customers on your site. If you see what works, it could inspire you to create more content. You should check the data regularly to see if your content is working or not and if new ideas are coming to mind.

This idea not only helps you to get your first customer, but also to get more. If you’ve spent time taking care of every step of their journey before they make a purchase, they’ll be even more loyal once they become customers. From there, you can engage with them further on social media, through your blog, and even through your newsletter.

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