We in Enkronos are very proud and honoured to be partner of 2015 COINVEST VENTURE DAYS, the biggest tech investment event in Southeast Europe, that will be held in Nova Gorica on November 18-19, 2015.

Coinvest Venture Days is a 2 day venture event with several side and networking events. It is focused on tech startups and venture investors communities, as well as entrepreneurship enthusiasts.

INVESTOR DAY (Nov 18): The first day is reserved to 50 best startups and venture investors. It is a closed-door, invitation-only event. The program will enable venture investors to meet each other and identify rising stars in startup world. The program concludes with a networking event.

STARTUP DAY (Nov 19): On the second day, Coinvest Venture Days will take place with excellent keynote speakers (international startup founders and venture investors) and an unique opportunity to see live startup battle for on-stage equity investments; investors include StartLabs and Julien Coustaury.

The event is open to public and enables you to participate at great talks, meet many interesting people ranging from investors, entrepreneurs, customers to media. Attend our closing evening Fire&Ice Party.

The Coinvest Venture Days bring together tech startups from ‘New Europe’ (that is: Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Hungary, Greece, Turkey, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Bosnia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo and Russia) and global venture investors. In 2014 the event hosted 500 participants with backgrounds in entrepreneurship and investing, coming from 27 countries. In three days, almost 70 startups from New Europe pitched to more than 70 investors from the EU, USA, Turkey, Israel, UAE and other countries. These included venture capital funds, angel investors, accelerators and corporate investors. In addition, 1-to-1 meetings were organized, enabling further discussions between investors and startups. This year’s Coinvest Venture Days will take place in Nova Gorica, Slovenia on November 18-19, 2015.

Many international investors, such as Union Square Ventures, Accel partners, Founder Collective and Tim Draper are starting to appreciate the vast potential of our region. Great tech talent, a guerrilla DNA, realistic valuations and a cheaper environment for business experiments: Welcome to New Europe.

In the last 3 years Coinvest Venture Days have become one of the biggest SEE investment event. In 2014 it hosted more than 500 participants from 28 countries, with a total of 67 startups and 77 international investors from the EU, Israel, New Zealand and the USA.


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