We’re proud and excited to share with you our new Contest Dream platform, which is designed for creating and managing your promotions and contests.

Now, anyone can easily engage with their audience, generate leads, attracts an audience to a point of sale, gathers feedback and rewards customers for their loyalty. Contest dream enables you to build and run promotions that you can implement into any website. With Contest Dream, you no longer have to pay for expensive custom solutions for your promotions.


How to create your first prize contest

Through the Dream Contest platform it is possible to realize a prize contest at every stage of you marketing campaign.

The basic steps that a company needs to address to make a contest with Dream Contest are:

  • Registration of a Buiness Account for Contest Dream platform – register here
  • Choose the right subscription model for your company (you can activate the free mode to practice before publishing your first contest)
  • Creation of the draft version of your first contest
  • Review the contest for legal and/or feasibility consideration
  • Publication of the contest
  • Competition is live and players can play!
  • Closing of the competition


With our qualified legal partners in international and local promotions, we can take on the management of competitions in many countries all over the world. For all companies interested in promoting services or products, we can provide full assistance


Internal view of the admin panel on Business Account.


Basic aspects

In order to create your first contest it is crucial to understand some basic aspects:

  • In what country or countries do you want to organize your contest? Each country has its own particular legislation and therefore you must pay attention to what’s the country´s policy. Thanks to Dream Contest you will be directed properly from the beginning of the creation of your contest and all the way until the closing. If you’ll need help it is possible at any time to request the assistance of our professional partners.
  • Who can participate in the contest? For example: the contest is open to citizens of the country where the contest is held, or citizens of more countries, or citizens of any country.
  • What kind of contest do you want to organize? There are several game mechanics that can be created (for example, instant win, final draw, contests with jury, photo contest, video contest, quiz, survey etc. )
  • What are the requirements that end users need to have to play the game? Again you have to pay attention to the laws of individual countries, as there can be several constraints. In general, thanks to Dream Contest platform, you can create an open contest to anyone. Or you can require the end user to enter an access code, that he found in the packaging of a product in promotion.

Your promotion can work through our RESTful API integration, can be embedded as a widget or as a stand-alone micro site on your website, as well as live on your Facebook page, blog, Twitter, and link through a newsletter, email campaign – or all of them.


What kind contests can I create?

We are very proud to announce that Contest Dream platform is working right now in Beta version, and there are already live contest going on! Like for example the jury based contest of the Fabbri 1905 company from Italy that organises the second edition of Lady Amarena. You can participate at the contest on Contest Dream platform or on

Contests already developed and running in Beta version:

  1. Instant win: You can distribute your prizes quickly. Participants can try their luck and find out instantly if they have won a prize.
  2. Final draw (Sweepstakes): Generate new leads with segmented information on your followers and clients, while broadening you subscriber database.
  3. Contest with jury: organize any contest you want: video, photo, recipe, hashtag, writing-based! The winner selection can be done also with an internal jury



On this special occasion, we have decided to give you 3 extraordinary opportunities to win a free contest on Contest Dream platform. One of them is PLAY AND WIN A FREE CONTEST DREAM – you just have to register to Contest Dream, upload your company logo and fill your company data. That´s all!

The competition is live from 21.9.2016 until 11.11.2016. The prize winners shall be drawn on Tuesday 15th November at 12 a.m. The prize will give the possibility to the winner to create and publish a free contest on Contest Dream platform without any technical cost, within three months after its delivery.

If you don´t want to wait until the 15th November, you can also try your luck with CONTEST DREAM INSTANT WIN and immediately find out if you have won the prize!

So what are you waiting? Play the game now!


Špela Mermolja

Business Assistant

Enkronos d.o.o.

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