The containment of the covid-19 coronavirus infection has radically changed the economic and organizational scenario in many respects. Several countries have adopted lockdown strategies and many companies have moved to work remotely. Our company Enkronos also observed a safe working model, favoring work from home. In this we have been facilitated thanks to the natural working methodology already adopted.

Now we want to help every organization who needs to improve their work procedures, providing both applications and methodologies and best practices that can help them.

This is particularly true in a time of great difficulty both on the economic supply side (many manufacturing companies have been closed in different countries) and on the demand side, as concern for health and for the future compresses it naturally.

Enkronos Apps can help many companies to stimulate demand by encouraging people and their customers to return to as normal a life as possible.

For example, our Swee app allows those who reopen their shop in safe mode to promote users to visit it thanks to a powerful engagement mechanism based on their location.

Just as the Loyalty Venue and Contest Dream apps can facilitate the promotion of their products and customer loyalty.

In general, an approach that is based on the use of data and artificial intelligence becomes increasingly important for companies that will face a completely new phase and that will be able to do it much better thanks to digital platforms that can adapt to their needs and help them achieve their goals.

As always, Enkronos is alongside the companies that with great determination want to build a future of serenity by transforming the most serious crisis in contemporary history into a unique opportunity to know how to rebuild a widespread well-being for the entire community in which they operate.

Contact us to propose your ideas or needs: we will help you realize them in the most technologically creative and competent way.

Enkronos Staff

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