Master the art of micro-conversion in e-commerce

Marketing automation is at the heart of web businesses. We talk all the time about the buyer’s journey, the marketing funnel, segmenting our contact list and automating the entire process. And it works, or we wouldn’t be here.

You can make this process even more powerful for your e-commerce business if you pay little attention to micro-conversions.

Segmenting your buyer list is a big part of the process of reaching each buyer at the exact point of their buying decision. You need to welcome old buyers as old friends and introduce yourself to new visitors without pushing them too hard. How can you ensure that an old buyer is one and a new user is another without even meeting the person? Through micro-conversions. And when you master the art of micro-conversion, you can meet each buyer exactly where they are.

So, what are these micro-conversions? How will you recognize users who are on your page to purchase while still allowing time for those who need a little more space? Here are some of the most common micro-conversions in e-commerce.

Downloading information

If a user downloads a technical specification sheet, tutorial, comparison document or any other information from your site, you can be sure that they are interested in the product you offer. They are looking for facts and it is your job to provide them with those facts. What can you do with this kind of open invitation from potential customers? Send more information of course.

Newsletter subscription

If a visitor to your website signs up to receive information about special offers and other news from your e-commerce company, you’re pretty sure he’s ready to make a purchase. Maybe they are waiting for the right time, the right offer, or the right product, but they like what you do. Check out the products he is looking for and you will have a clear idea of the products he would like a discount on.

Product comparisons

If you give the possibility to compare products on your website, then you give yourself an extra micro-conversion. When a buyer has a serious order in mind, they want to know why one product is at the top of the list over another. You not only know that the buyer is ready to make a purchase, but you also know what they are about to buy and what may stop them. Take the opportunity to give them what they want.

Adding to the wish list

E-commerce sites with a “wish list” feature have built up a good following. No other website feature can give you the insight you need into a customer’s wants and needs. In general, customers stick to their wish list or their “favorite” products. You, the seller, get a wealth of information from their favorites list, including size/format information, favorite colors, obvious needs, pricing considerations, etc.

The abandoned cart

Most people view an abandoned cart as a failure that needs to be rectified. But you can also consider it a win. Even if the buyer doesn’t complete their order this time, they have given you something to work with. You now know what they are looking for, and you can even find out why they didn’t complete their order. How can you turn this micro-conversion into a full conversion?

The more you know about what your shoppers are doing on your website, the more you can improve their experience. Track these micro-conversions and use the information to better segment your buyers. Those who are looking for more information should get that information. Those who have indicated they like red dresses by adding multiple red dresses to their wish list should receive a notification each time a red dress is added to your inventory. Those who abandoned their shopping cart when they saw the shipping cost should receive information on how to reduce that cost.

Do you understand how this works now? Start paying more attention to these micro-conversions. And feel free to let us know about some of the micro-conversions you’ve seen on your e-commerce site.

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