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With the development and change of the Internet age, the use of mobile devices has increased considerably. The increasing use of mobile devices has led to the development of many different categories of mobile applications. People who want to develop mobile applications with little or no coding knowledge can use mobile application development platforms.

2020 and 2021 promise to bring a big year for the cloud, particularly for custom application development.

InfoWorld’s David Linthicum recently shared an Evans Data survey, which found that many businesses and developers are divided on the benefits of building applications in virtual environments.

The numbers showed that developing applications in the cloud reduced time spent by an average of 11.6 percent, which is likely due mainly to the cloud’s abilities to streamline the development process, Linthicum reported. This does include being able to quickly get any assets needed for development online and increasing the ease of collaboration efforts.

You can see the list of mobile application development platforms under the heading below.

What are Mobile Application Development Platforms?

Alpha Anywhere

As a database-driven, fast application development platform, Alpha Anywhere allows you to develop hybrid mobile applications that can work online and offline. Thanks to this platform, applications can be developed that provide fast, good performance and provide a natural look and user experience. With the support of the SQL database offered by the platform, you can create SQL interactions for all databases you want or you can establish SQL connections to your existing database compatible with Alpha Portable SQL. Offering offline mobile application usage is another prominent feature. So much so that data confusion can be solved with just a few clicks.

Alpha recently added access to the mobile file system for large amounts of compressed data in hybrid applications. This way, the media stored in the cache can be viewed offline and photos, audio files, and videos can be created even if there is no connection. Another feature recently announced by Alpha is Mobile Optimized Forms. With this feature created with FormView, you can take notes and record audio with a pen.


One of the mobile application development platforms is App Press. It is a web-based platform where you can develop iPhone, iPad, and Android applications without writing code. The platform, which has the designers in focus, has an interface similar to Photoshop. He claims that designers can develop their first applications in one day, and experienced designers can develop 5 mobile applications a day. Experienced designers can also try new designs on the platform.


Another mobile application development platform is EachScape. The platform enables the development of HTML5 web applications as well as iOS and Android applications; It offers integrated, cloud-based, and drag-and-drop editor support. Although it looks like an interesting combination, it is a platform that does pretty good work. It offers web preview and online development support for the developed application. EachScape architecture for application development via Cloud Studio with a drag-and-drop feature consists of blocks and modules with interfaces and actions. On this platform, there are classes such as Objective-C for iOS, Java for Android, and Coffee Script for the web.


It is one of the mobile application development platforms where you can develop iPhone, iPad and Android applications in a very short time. Providing customized themes, the platform allows you to develop a web-based application. Having a very convenient use for general application types, iBuildApp offers toolsets that can provide the functionality you need.

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