Social media’s most influential influencers and brands are changing

Continuing its rapid growth in recent years, influencer marketing is expected to reach $ 16 billion by 2022. The last five-year compound growth rate of influencer marketing strategies, which has shown a rapid rise in recent years, has been recorded as 37 per cent. While 75 per cent of brand managers say they will allocate a budget for influencer marketing strategies in 2022, it is a matter of curiosity who are the most influential names of social media. From this point of view, influencer marketing-focused technology company CreatorDen announced the most influential names of Instagram, TikTok and YouTube through CreatorHub Monitor. Also on the list are Instagram’s brands that can’t get enough of tags…

Last year, it was noteworthy that influencer marketing was included in marketing plans as a budget item, especially in multinational companies. With the increasing prevalence of ad-blocking software, the shift of television adverts to digital, and the acceleration of social e-commerce, influencer marketing is gaining importance as an ideal area for highly interactive communication with the target audience.

In the meta-interaction competition

While Facebook, now Meta, has been criticized for years for lagging in this area, one of the primary goals of the Instagram platform this year is to provide creators with more monetization tools.

Facebook changes its name to Meta in major rebrand

While Meta platforms compete with YouTube and TikTok for user engagement, they recognize that creators are one of the biggest trump cards to keep their users on the platform. This year, we see that each platform has new revenue models for creators.

Instagram is constantly updated

This year, Instagram introduced many new features for creators.

With shop creation features for creators to sell their own products, a new brand match marketplace to create branded content, and subscription options to be introduced soon, Instagram aims to offer new revenue streams for creators.

At the same time, Meta CEO Zuckerberg announced that he will invest $ 1 billion in the programmes they have developed for creators by the end of 2022.

TikTok and YouTube continue to invest in creators

As TikTok continues to introduce new features for creators to monetize both live streams and the TikTok Creator Fund, YouTube announced a new $100 million fund for creators for its new short video format, Shorts.

Metaverse at the center of the future

Facebook made an important decision this year, changing its name to Meta and announcing that the company will build its future centered on the Metaverse.

In its simplest form, the Metaverse is a virtual environment that makes our interactions in the physical world exist in the digital world, enables us to carry our digital personality across devices, and minimizes the boundaries between the physical and digital worlds.

In addition, the incredible rise in the NFT market has laid the foundations for the ownership infrastructure in digital products. Considering that Metaverse launches, and brand activations have already entered our lives, it would not be wrong to say that brands will be active in this field soon.

Short video format continues to rise

The fact that TikTok became one of the most downloaded applications in the world in a short time showed the importance of the short video format. In 2020, Instagram, which wants to catch the momentum in this area with Reels, continues to offer new tools for Reel’s content producers in 2022.

It is of great importance for Instagram to bring users formats that can compete with TikTok’s extensive effects library and content types.

YouTube, the world’s most widely used video streaming platform, has also joined the short video trend. The new short video format, YouTube Shorts, was opened to users in 9:16 format.

New multi-streaming and custom stories

In 2022, Instagram will continue its focus on content creators. Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram, said in a statement last week that they are working on bringing a paid membership system to Instagram.

In this way, content producers will now be able to create exclusive content for their followers who subscribe to their channels by paying a fee. On the other hand, the comments of the talkers who purchase a membership will appear as a priority. This feature, which is in the testing phase in the United States as of February 2021, is expected to come to Europe at the end of the year.

At the same time, it is on the agenda that users can manage new streams on Instagram. In other words, while you will now be able to follow a separate stream for the content of your favorite people, you will also have another stream that sorts the content completely by time.

The most used social media platforms in Europe

92.5 per cent of internet users in Europe have an Instagram account. TikTok, the fastest rising platform of the last period, still has time to catch up with Instagram while continuing its rise.

Instagram’s strong reach enables more than 80 per cent of influencer collaborations in Europe to be carried out through Instagram.

For marketing professionals, targeting internet users from all walks of life is a factor that makes collaborations with Instagram creators attractive.

Generations have determined their residence

When we examine social media usage by gender, we see that Instagram and TikTok users are predominantly female, while men decide on YouTube.

When we look at the age distribution, the popularity of TikTok in the 13-17 age range draws attention to the use of YouTube in the 18-24 age range. While the use of Instagram is generally intense in the following age groups, there is a decrease in the use of social media in general.

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