Those areas where contractors often use software

When you are an entrepreneur, it is often essential to use software or applications that touch a bit on all areas. Some make your life easier and others do things for you that you wouldn’t be able to do without them. Zoom in on the few areas where it is necessary to acquire software or an application to avoid getting bogged down.

Human resources and payroll

Let’s be clear: creating a payslip remains a real headache with information and regulations that are constantly changing. If you’re not an HR specialist (and even if you are), creating it and keeping it up to date is a real challenge. Not for nothing is it a job that every government is trying to simplify. Doing without a payroll or HR software such as Apogea can be a daunting task. Even with experience, it is sometimes difficult to understand why a payslip varies from month to month. This is why managers do not hesitate to get one quickly as soon as they need to create one or to call on an external service provider. More generally, HR and its management: leave, working time, training… often requires the acquisition of software to avoid having to follow the latest obligations and to be able to transmit the data essential to the payroll for example. See HR management software.

 Software related to sales

Unless you are in a face-to-face business-like merchant (and even then, they now have cash registers to enable them to do their invoicing properly), it is still necessary to acquire commercial software such as a CRM or invoicing software. They allow you to save precious time in several areas (reminders, possible emailing, invoicing), to have a reliable and up to date database (as long as you don’t leave it in a corner), to better follow your transformation rate as well as your teams, to be able to take over current files if necessary or to have a better vision of your activity. Commercial software is to be set up and quickly if you want to avoid having a tedious work afterward to carry out when your number of interlocutors becomes too important for your Excel spreadsheet to suffice or your memory is no longer sufficient.

Those for the management

While you can of course use your commercial software for everything related to your quotes or invoicing, management software is also indispensable (in general) for communicating with your accountant. By means of exports, it remains in the vast majority of cases possible to link the two types of software or even to synchronize them directly, which sometimes saves you a few manipulations. The accountant can also do his work the “old-fashioned way”, which can save you from having to deal with this second type of software. The trend towards digitalization is moving in this direction and the cost savings are often a good reason to go for it.

Everything on your agenda

If the good old paper version of the diary still has its charm, it is clear that modern versions, especially those related to your to-do list, are useful. Being able to follow your schedule live and from anywhere saves you time but above all can be useful for your motivation. Our editorial team regularly recommends the to-do list and even if you can do without everything, it is useful in many areas: time management, motivation, the definition of your functions and time spent (you can use it to find out what you do in a day, week, month, which can be useful when you want to delegate) or simply not to forget anything. As far as possible, the more your tools are synchronized, the more time you will save. If the exercise may seem tedious at first, once you have taken the automatisms, you will be able to take full advantage of it. As with everything, the hardest part is getting started!

Software for managing social networks / emailing

If all companies are not on social networks or do not do email, all those who have this need will have to get it quickly if they do not want to waste a huge amount of time in manual handling. Of course, they allow you to sometimes reduce your risk of error by forgetting for example to share a post, to schedule it in advance, to check the opening rate of your emails, to improve your campaigns or even just to cite this example, to bring you into compliance with everything related to DPMR by proposing, for example, an unsubscription via a link and an automatic update of your database. In both cases, if you use it, investing in software represents a considerable time saving and a useful expense. Sending your emails manually to 10,000 people is simply not conceivable and sometimes not feasible without blacklisting your IP for example (which means that your emails will never reach your recipients).

Of course, all of these software’s have a cost, but most of them are essential for the development of your company. The activity or your way of working can vary your needs but to make too many savings, you sometimes make none and you lose efficiency. It’s up to you!

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