Virtual Reality revolutionizes real estate

Virtual reality allows you to reconstruct properties in great detail, thanks to 360° photography techniques. With this innovative solution, the client can visit the property you offer from a virtual reality headset: no need to go to the property, all the properties are available from your agency!

So how is virtual reality revolutionizing real estate? How can it help agencies to strengthen their sales and create a new link with customers?

Visit several properties from the real estate agency

Maximize your chances of selling with virtual reality. From now on, thanks to this innovative technology, you no longer need to take your clients to visit each property over several days: you can offer them visits from the virtual reality headset located in your real estate agency, or even from the client’s home.

Saving time and increasing your sales opportunities by presenting more properties is the key. If one of the purchase criteria is not present in the house or apartment you wish to propose to your client, don’t waste any more time, and move on to the next visit in no time.

Facilitate the sale of projects under construction

Virtual reality can also facilitate the sale of real estate projects in progress. In the context of new constructions, offer your customers something other than a sale on a simple plan. In order to help them project themselves in their future living space, to imagine the apartment or the furnished house or to understand the volume of the rooms, virtual visits accompany you! Indeed, each room, each piece of furniture and each window can be modelled in a realistic way thanks to photos.

And so that visitors can really imagine themselves in the house, nothing is left to chance: they can visualize the views offered by each of the windows, to observe if there are vis-à-vis, or if the requirements they are looking for will be met.

Help buyers to project themselves

Virtual reality in real estate offers great opportunities for buyers to project themselves with their own decoration and furniture in a home. Indeed, customers can scan their furniture with a 3D scanner, in order to implement them in the 360 degrees 3D model of the property. This allows them to preview the decoration of their future property, and to see what a specific item will look like in the living room, dining room, kitchen or even the bedrooms of a house or apartment.

Clients can then check that the dimensions are appropriate, and also have the opportunity to project themselves into a room by painting the walls a different color. By personalizing their home on the first visit, buyers are more engaged and faster in the buying process: to maximize sales opportunities, virtual reality is a fundamental issue for real estate agencies. The icing on the cake? Clients can spend as much time as they want visiting a property: they don’t need to rush to free up space for another potential buyer.

And to increase the chances of selling, the real estate agent can take advantage of an essential asset: he can see in detail the points on which the client focuses his attention during his virtual visit. This will allow him to reassure his client about any possible concerns he may have, and to remove any obstacles to the purchase that could usually block the sale.

Make a good first impression

A 2018 U.S. study indicated that 77% of customers would like to visit properties in virtual reality before they visit them in person.

Indeed, they prefer to be able to get a first global idea of the place, to see if it fits all their criteria, and if their furniture can fit in the house or apartment before going for the visits: a considerable time saving, both for the clients and for the real estate agent who only goes for the projects with great potential.

Organize your agenda as you wish

Thanks to virtual reality, agents no longer need to organize multiple appointments to show several properties.

Time is optimized, and organizational difficulties are directly eliminated. Since a single appointment in the agency is enough to show several properties, real estate agents travel less and save money. To organize your agenda as you wish, this is the key!

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