What is Digital Strategy? What Does a Digital Strategist Do?

Digital strategy focuses on using technology to improve business performance. Digital strategy determines the direction a brand or organization will take to create new competitive opportunities with technology and the techniques it needs to make these changes.

As the limitless possibilities of the digital world make it possible for innovative companies to offer services that were previously not possible, digital strategy is often built into such business models.

What is Digital Strategy?

When we look at the origin of the word strategy, we find the word “stratēgía” in Ancient Greek. This word was derived from the word “stratēgós” (commander), which consists of the words “stratós” (army) and “ágō” (to manage, to drive). The French equivalent of strategy conveys the meaning exactly: the art of commanding an army. The Turkish Language Association defines it as “Observation. The science and art of using political, economic, psychological and military forces together to support the policies adopted by a nation or a community of nations in peace and war, sevkülceyş.” As can be understood from the definition, the meaning of strategy has expanded from being related only to the military to encompass all the techniques and methods planned, developed, and applied in the long term to achieve certain goals or objectives.

Strategy formation, which includes a series of steps such as determining the target audience and goals, creating timelines, determining the methods to be used to achieve the goals, and cost analysis, has gained importance in the digital field. Almost every sector in the digital world wants to benefit from the advantages of an effective and accurate digital strategy. The digital strategy to be established with the answers to the questions “Who, what, why, when, how, where?” offers a roadmap that will distinguish brands from others and provide competitive advantage. In short, digital strategy is a set of ways and methods based on certain principles and spread over the long term, aiming to increase brand awareness, reliability and gain new consumers by adding digital marketing tools to existing marketing and promotional activities.

Digital strategy can be confused with digital marketing. These are two different but interconnected concepts. While digital strategy is the roadmap that specifies how, when, where, to whom and why digital marketing activities will be carried out, digital marketing involves the execution of digital marketing activities and campaigns. For example, Coca-Cola’s campaign on Instagram to reach a young target audience is digital marketing, while the target audience analysis, budget, and timeline planning for the execution of this campaign on Instagram are part of the process of creating a digital strategy.

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Why should you have a digital strategy?

Today, technology has become integrated with many different sectors in many areas from health to education. As digital technology becomes widespread, the digital transformation journey of companies will accelerate at the same rate and the term business strategy will be replaced by digital strategy.

With digital strategy, professions such as “digital strategist”, “digital marketing strategist”, “digital strategy director” have entered our lives.

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What is the Difference Between Digital Strategy and Digital Marketing Campaign?

Two of the most confused concepts today are digital strategy and digital marketing campaign. However, there are important differences between these two concepts. Each of the processes applied in the process of realizing the digital strategy, which is the whole of the actions to be followed in the digital environment for a company to achieve its goal, is a digital marketing campaign. In other words, there are many marketing campaigns within the strategy created.

Who is a digital strategist? What does he/she do?

Digital strategists are people who work with different departments and teams within a brand or agency to solve complex problems such as business, brand, marketing, and technology. They lead the problem-solving charge, helping to connect the dots between the needs, wants and desires of the customer and the often-elusive business, brand, and marketing goals of the company. The most competent digital strategists work with business unit stakeholders to get a clear and detailed understanding of what the business challenges are, just as a business analyst would.

Digital strategist:

  • Creating strategy and content for web presence and reach,
  • Analyze and optimize web traffic performance,
  • Identifying new communities for lead generation,
  • Research the latest digital marketing tools and technologies,
  • Tracking SEO/SEM, marketing, and sales metrics to predict trends,
  • Building strong customer relationships,
  • Analyzing consumer motivations and desires and analyzing data,
  • They play central roles in brands and agencies, working across multiple teams (such as creative, sales and marketing) and organizations to coordinate and execute.

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