Which blockchain formation to choose from?

You keep hearing about Bitcoin and the “blockchain revolution”, and would like to finally grasp the full meaning of these words? There are several blockchain training on the market, offering you different types of support. Before choosing your training, it is therefore important to know your level of knowledge, but also your aspirations.

The beginner’s guide, to get the basics

If you are still very unfamiliar with the terms associated with blockchains and crypto money and feel lost while browsing a specialized site, it is important to organize your readings in a coherent manner to learn the basic concepts one after the other, slowly unfolding your readings to assimilate the information.

The crypto ecosystem is an exciting but very technical universe, which implies the discovery of concepts of development, architecture, but also finance, economics, law, governance, as well as political philosophy. It takes a certain amount of time to become immersed in this universe, although this time differs for everyone depending on our culture in these fields. But the path is worth it!

To get off to a good start, it is, therefore, advisable to begin by reading a synthetic guide summarizing the basis of the concepts. The format of the guide is ideal to start in cryptosystems and to familiarize yourself step by step with the functioning of the Blockchain and distributed registers, smarts contracts, decentralized applications, and the usefulness of different cryptosystems.

The MOOC Blockchain, to learn more about

After a first reading (or even two very slow readings) of your beginner’s guide, you can choose to deepen your knowledge by following targeted MOOCs. MOOCs are a fun way to go further on a subject.

Since the beginning of 2019, Bit Conseil offers an online training course in 13 hours of videos to learn how to develop in Solidity. Several new online training courses are planned for the year 2019-2020. In order to meet your needs, we invite you to let us know your difficulties and your wishes so that we can propose new online training courses to accompany your skills development.

To go faster, but above all much further, nothing beats face-to-face training. However, be aware that there are several blockchain training courses and that they are not all aimed at the same audience. Before choosing one of them, it is therefore important to know your expectations and to determine your precise objectives.

A face-to-face blockchain course

A face-to-face blockchain training usually lasts one, two or three days. It can be addressed to individuals or professionals, and can take different forms:

  • Introduction to blockchain registers: these trainings will be addressed to a wider audience that will not only include technical profiles. Management professionals, innovation managers, company directors, but also lawyers and auditors will be interested in following a rigorous training course to have a good knowledge of blockchain technologies and their stakes. If you are in one of these cases, Bit Conseil offers you the “Blockchain and use cases” training on one day. 8 hours of intensive training, with a clear understanding of how blockchains work.
  • Introduction to crypto money: the management of crypto actives is particular and requires a particular deepening. It requires a good knowledge of the fundamentals to be able to analyze the relevance and potential of a project, but not only. By following the training course “Crypto actives: investment and security” or the Bitcoin training course from Bit Conseil, you will have all the keys in hand to learn how to build and manage your crypto-currency portfolio while diluting the risk to the maximum: choice of platforms, analysis tools, market study but also portfolio security.
  • Cryptocurrency trading: Some individuals do not want to stop at simple investment and portfolio management and would like to maximize their profits by learning how to trade crypto currencies. Such an activity is very risky and cannot be improvised, especially in the crypto money market, which remains a particularly risky and highly volatile asset. If you wish to learn how to trade in crypto money, it is therefore preferable not to start alone and to invest in training as soon as possible. However, face-to-face trading courses are still very rare, and their price in the form of a training course over several days often proves to be prohibitive. The crypto investor masterclass of Trading du Coin, in partnership with the Journal du Coin (which is no longer presented), can therefore be positioned as a good alternative to face-to-face training, by offering excellent online support.
  • Blockchain development training: this type of training is aimed at a more experienced audience with a minimum of technical background. Depending on the trainers, you can learn how to develop in Solidity to deploy projects on Ethereum, or focus on development in C++, Go or NodeJS. The courses will introduce you to cryptography and blockchain architecture. If you want to learn about blockchain development in Solidity, we invite you to consult the detailed syllabus of our face-to-face Ethereum training. We also offer to those who wish to train in Bitcoin programming with Bitcoin Core and Bitcoin JS.

Would you like to get more details and training about Blockchain? Contact us today. Our experienced team is waiting for you.

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