Why create a mobile application: discover how your company will dominate its field of activity!

In 2016, mobile traffic became more important than the traffic generated by desktop and laptop computers. Since then, this trend has largely been confirmed. Considering this, it seems crucial to include mobile in your marketing strategy.

Creating an application, for example by working with a mobile app development agency in Paris, can be one way to do it.

This is exactly what we will see in this article. Indeed, creating a mobile application allows you to set up a real relationship with your customers.

The mobile is also the most intimate object that an individual can have on him every day. If your customers download your application, you already have a foot in their home, or at least in their pocket!

The benefits of creating a mobile application

Whether you are a local real estate agency, a renowned e-commerce site, a new online travel agency, an educational site, or a publicly traded multinational, it is in your best interest to create a mobile application. Why should you do this? You will quickly understand with our TOP 6 advantages of developing your App.

Create a mobile application to develop your company’s brand image

When you launch your mobile app on different download platforms, such as the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android), you differentiate yourself from your competitors who have not yet taken the plunge. You become dominant in your expertise and give off a stronger image.

The launch of a mobile application will be an opportunity for you to reinforce your brand image. Beware, it can also be the right time to change the way your target audience perceives you.

For example, an ageing company in the sports industry will take this opportunity to give itself a facelift and conquer a new market.

Offer a new experience to your customers

Your mobile application will integrate photo, geolocation, and all the capabilities that a smartphone can offer today.

The possibilities of experiences to offer to your customers are unlimited:

  • Try on a new piece of clothing from your living room thanks to augmented reality (Ikea already does this with its products).
  • Book a train ticket and a hotel-like Ouibus offers.
  • Having a sports coach in your pocket that reminds you that it’s time to do your sit-ups.
  • Follow the course of a virtual English teacher.
  • Visit a house from your couch.
  • And much more!

Build customer loyalty and increase your revenue

It’s obvious, the development of your mobile application is a financial investment by which you can apply is a financial investment that your company must go through. Don’t worry, it will quickly pay off.

Indeed, thanks to this App, you will naturally increase your customers’ loyalty. You observe it yourself; you tend to return regularly to the applications that you have installed on your smartphone and that you have at hand.

The best example, and we will talk about it in this article, is Veepee. The mobile application is great: it’s pretty, it’s ergonomic, the UX has been perfectly designed, it makes users want to come back. If a user comes back frequently, the probability of him consuming will be much higher.

And if today, this company has a dazzling success, it is largely thanks to its application which has allowed it to develop its turnover considerably.

Communicate with your customers

Your mobile application will be the best way to communicate with your customers. For example, you can set up push notifications that will be sent via the application to the user’s smartphone, just like Facebook does when a friend identifies you in a photo.

You are sure that the user will read the information, and this allows you to keep permanent contact with the customers. This will allow you to distribute your content in an ultra-optimized way thanks to tick access to your environment.

Get data on your users’ behavior

Your mobile application will be a real observation center for your company. Indeed, the users of the application will be “observed”, the purchase behavior analyzed, the movements in the application dissected.

You will learn a lot about your customers. This data will allow you to adapt your offers, the structure of your application, your communication, and a whole lot of other actions to conquer additional market shares.

If you add an option to log in to a customer area on your application with credentials, the user will be able to fill in information related to his profile. If they authorize you to contact them by email or phone by checking the boxes you have provided for this purpose, then you will multiply the communication channels without having to “force the hand” of your customer.

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