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The pace of development of software technology is evolving to a dizzying point. With the development of artificial intelligence technologies, the level reached by visual, sound and command-based functions excites some, while others think it is a frightening situation. Especially ChatGPT, which has become a popular topic recently, and the developments with it create a domino effect.

It is possible to see the effects of software development in many areas from small programs to browser plug-ins. It can easily be said that the near future is pregnant with much more in the landscape that emerges when we try to make a small future projection in light of the developments. The demand in the market, combined with the developments in technology day by day, takes the world to a smaller and more accessible point of information.

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AI (artificial intelligence) the role of artificial intelligence

AI can be defined as systems or machines that imitate human intelligence to fulfill given tasks and can continuously improve themselves in the light of the data they obtain. Today, artificial intelligence is a frequently used option to understand customer problems and provide more satisfactory answers.

The use of AI is becoming common in time-consuming services such as compiling and processing critical information from large datasets. Artificial intelligence, which is designed to be faster and more functional while imitating human abilities, is among the valuable commercial assets of today.

Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning is coming

AI technologies, whose basic approach is to imitate how people perceive the world and their reactions, aim to create original results by exceeding the ability to imitate in the next step. In this context, artificial intelligence applications are frequently used in organizations with an innovation focus. Producing predictions and developing algorithms using complex data are among the important tasks defined for AI.

As the year 2023 begins, software such as the performance artificial intelligence examples put forward by ChatGPT and Midjourney are starting to increase expectations in this area. It seems that with the emergence of similar software to be added to the existing ones, it will be possible to talk about a much wider range of usage areas. AI applications like Copilot accelerate software development, while tools like Orchard show promise in creating different text styles for different audiences.

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Increasing development (software) efficiency

The year 2023 will be a year in which efficiency is tried to be maximized in terms of software development. Researchers reveal data that the trend is in this direction. While reusable components are at the forefront of the basic approach models in software development, the notifications received from the market show that the expectations are in this direction. Instead of ready-made software, products suitable for business scales, high adaptability and open to development are preferred.

Investing in artificial intelligence components seems inevitable for software companies focused on product development and open to efficiency and improvement. Contributions to be made by artificial intelligence to the system seem to be very important in terms of both product development and the correct evaluation of market data. For this reason, businesses are preparing to take steps aiming to develop software that is highly efficient and suitable for their special needs, instead of ready-made products.

The no code / low code approach, which was initially underestimated, can now be considered a phenomenon that is taken seriously. Low code, in other words, low code stands out as an approach that helps software development quickly. Low code usage, as the name suggests, is known as an approach that aims to make software development processes with the least possible coding.

It will not be a surprise for those who follow the subject closely that the no code / low code understanding is among the topics that will continue to be trending in 2023 and that codeless development processes using artificial intelligence software increase efficiency. Developing more comprehensive projects with limited programming skills is a close target for tutorials contemplating training algorithms.

The proliferation of cloud platforms

In project management and software development services, cloud technology means the perfect environment for most automated testing. In addition to being an advanced storage unit, cloud systems, which is a modern platform with its high speed and new-generation security systems, seem to play an important role in the development of the market.

When evaluated in terms of cost parameters, cloud platforms, which are affordable compared to traditional solutions, are very advantageous with their adaptable systems and high security infrastructure. For this reason, it can be said that cloud systems will have much more widespread use in the near future.

Today, the automotive industry and the banking system are the leading sectors that use cloud platform services most widely. It is considered inevitable that the use of cloud systems will spread much faster due to the acceleration of software development trends. Because industrial cloud platforms are much more flexible and adaptable than other systems, they can be considered the locomotive of the system’s growth.

A recent study by Gartner among North American and European companies reveals that nearly half of businesses use cloud platforms. It is an undeniable fact that the rate has exceeded half with those who have started to try the new trend with pilot applications. The same research predicts that by 2027, businesses will move more than half of their critical business initiatives to cloud platforms.

Real-time observation and analysis

Today, the size of data processing capacity is increasing day by day. Many businesses are now making great strides in collecting, processing and evaluating data of unprecedented size. Systematic data analysis and artificial intelligence applications are becoming the most important assistant of decision-making processes in many sectors. However, it should not be forgotten that reaching this stage involves very difficult processes.

Today’s software development processes are built on producing observable data in order to shorten the time from the first observation to the reaction and to predict the future. Some states in America offer car owners special insurance packages that take into account a person’s real-time driving behavior. This application, started by Tesla, is expected to become widespread.

Aiming to maximize the value derived from observable data means businesses benefit from the ever-evolving capabilities of wireless systems. Examples of systems used for this purpose include ultrasonic sensors developed by Bosch-Siemens for reducing forklift collision rates in industrial areas.

Sustainable technology

Sustainable approaches to technological development prioritize the production of traceable, analytical and environmentally friendly services that increase energy and all kinds of input efficiency. It seems that it will become an inevitable necessity for institutions and organizations to measure performance in this direction. The effects of the environmental, psychological and social risks of technological development on the parameters of education, health and business life are also examined.

Micro-scale software, which has an important place in sustainability, is expected to be popular in 2023 as well. The micro-scale software groups that each software contains are important in terms of easy scalability and short-term development services. For this reason, it stands out as an important detail of sustainable software that each module becomes component that allow practical integration in line with its own purpose.

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