What is cyber security and why is it important?

Cyber ​​security refers to any measure taken to protect networks, servers or directly electronic devices against various attacks. Today, the tremendous point of technology and digitalization has made such measures almost a necessity for both individuals and institutions.

Regardless of the scale, it is possible for corporate enterprises to carry out their operations in an efficient and healthy way and to preserve their data, with the maximum level of cyber security. You can find the importance of cyber security and the role definitions of the experts who undertake the service in question in this article.

Cybersecurity and digital transformation, a necessity for companies?

The importance of cyber security

Cyber security focuses on the security of all kinds of digital assets. In order to understand how key cybersecurity is for each of us, we first need to properly understand the importance of information and data.

Cyber ​​security defends all kinds of data and information specific to a certain system against external threats. In a sense, while preserving information and data, it also eliminates all kinds of negative elements that will harm your workflow. Information-oriented threats, cyber attacks, data manipulation efforts can occur in many different types from a technical point of view.

The reason why cyber security is one of the most important issues today is that individuals or businesses store their important data in the computer environment. Among the mentioned data; personal documents, bank documents, private photos, drafts of studies, projects, personal passwords, and confidential information about the company can be found.

Accessing the critical information we mentioned may mean that all this information can be abused for various purposes. When it comes to protecting information, businesses are responsible not only to themselves or their employees but also to their customers.

Hacking attacks on computers can interrupt the activities of systems and even lead to disruption of their activities. This may lead to a decrease in working efficiency, financial losses or loss of prestige.

Malware, viruses or hacker attacks threaten the integrity and confidentiality of private information. Cyber ​​security can be considered as all of the measures taken to protect data and information against all these negative scenarios.

Cloud services: data and computers in the cloud from the future perspective

Using secure passwords, choosing up-to-date software, using SSL-certified connections, installing anti-virus software, being careful about pirated files, and of course making backups are among the measures that can be taken personally. In addition to such personal precautions, getting a professional level of cyber security service is a fundamental responsibility for all institutions that attach the necessary importance to their data.

What does a cybersecurity expert do?

Today, providing high-level protection against all possible cyber attacks from both internal and external parties is considered an integral part of data security. Organizations that do not want to face such negative scenarios request professional service from cyber security experts.

Cyber ​​security experts regularly test many points from the server to the software, from the network to the system, and decipher all existing or potential vulnerabilities. It designs an action plan against possible threats and makes the necessary technical applications in line with this plan.

Although fixing the vulnerabilities in cyber attacks can sometimes be done in a short time, in some cases it may take a long time to re-secure the system. There are absolutely concrete cyber security strategies for organizations.

Cybersecurity experts take an active role in the design of all these security strategies. Experts operating in this field are responsible for assessing the data storage, networks, applications and security risks of connected devices of computing systems. As a result of all these analyzes, they create a comprehensive cyber security framework for businesses.

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