4 alternative apps to ChatGPT

Bing Chat, YouChat, JasperChat, and Character.AI… Let’s examine these 4 ChatGPT alternatives together.

We shared with you that OpenAI allows third-party developers to integrate ChatGPT into their apps and services via an API. The company has also released the API for its speech-to-text model, Whisper. Companies like Snap, Quizlet, Instacart, and Shopify are currently using this technology. In addition to this, ChatGPT alternatives started to come to life. Let’s examine 4 ChatGPT alternatives together.

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Bing Chat

We told you that Microsoft started a ChatGPT-like experience in the search engine by integrating OpenAI’s GPT-4 model into Bing. The company has also released a new version of the Edge browser with new artificial intelligence features built into the sidebar.

Unlike ChatGPT and other GPT models, AI-powered Bing is accessed directly through a search interface. The new Bing, unlike ChatGPT, can transmit news about the latest events to its users. In order to use Bing with new features, it is necessary to sign up for the waiting list first.


We’ve reviewed YouChat, the artificial intelligence search assistant similar to ChatGPT by Google competitor You.com, in detail before. Unlike ChatGPT, YouChat can solve problems by making logical inferences. Users can perform their queries on You.com as well as direct them to YouChat. Thanks to this new tool, users also answer questions that search engines cannot answer.

You can ask questions about a person to YouChat, and ask for their suggestions about your New Year’s plans. In addition, students can get support from YouChat about coding or math equations. With it, YouChat can translate and contribute to users’ email, blog post and story writing.

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With JasperChat, you can talk to artificial intelligence instead of acting on commands. The company states that you can improve responses with every interaction. OpenAI, which created ChatGPT, is positioned as a partner of Jasper, while one of the language models used on the platform is GPT 3.5.

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When you log in to the tool, you are asked for what purpose you will use Jasper. Using Jasper it is possible to write ad copy, blog posts, create content for the website and write emails. The company’s payment plans range from $99 and $82 per 100,000 words monthly and annually, respectively. The package includes a starter plan and various tools. As the number of words increases, the monthly prices also increase. If you want to use a personalized plan with a large team, you need to contact the sales team.

More than 70,000 brands, agencies and content creators benefit from Jasper, including Google, Airbnb, IBM and Verizon.


Unlike JasperChat, Character.AI lets you chat with well-known figures from Queen Elizabeth to Elon Musk. You can chat with famous business people, leaders, and cult characters in the world of TV series and cinema, who are alive and are no longer with us. Likewise, the opportunity to chat with prominent characters from the games is also offered.

In addition, the platform offers various bots in the field of HR support, such as psychological support, creative writing, and interviewing. There are also bots that offer watching recommendations on Netflix. There is also a stream of chats on the platform. You are also encouraged to build your own bot via Character.AI.

Character.AI stands out as a new way to develop skills while exemplifying solutions for non-player characters (NPC).

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