Omnichannel sales and virtual reality

The winds of change blowing in the spirit of the time also differentiate people’s shopping behaviors; deepens, renews, increases its continuity. It reduces brand loyalty. So, what does the technological world bring us and to what extent does virtual reality shopping take it?

Change has always brought challenges at the societal and individual levels. However, surviving has been possible by resisting these difficulties. The saying that the only thing that does not change is change itself is a reflection of this. Therefore, those who reject change are eventually forced to fall behind. Those who want to stay afloat are not afraid to change their boots.

Changing Attitude

People no longer only shop to meet their needs, they also want to express themselves and create an identity. So how do companies and brands keep up with this change and transformation? How do they reach consumers who want to go beyond the consumption culture and open a special area for themselves?

Extended Reality: A New Era in Technology

If It Substitutes A Hundred Thousands Of Promises

Let’s look at the beauty industry; In the beauty industry, as in many industries, when the subject is Augmented Reality (AR), the consumer’s shopping journey can gain a whole new dimension. With the make-up trial mirrors in the toilets of the InTime shopping malls in China, women can test different types of make-up thanks to the mirrors. If the product is liked, they can buy the product from the machine right next to it by using a mobile QR code. The application called Virtual Artist implemented by Sephora; L’Oreal ‘s Makeup Genius allows customers to virtually try on makeup.application addresses customer experiences.

Parham Aarabi, founder and CEO of ModiFace, is among those who say, “If you have 100 lipstick shades, there’s no way to really try them all in real life.” But in AR you can try them all in about a minute.

Augmented Reality, what is it and what are its applications?

New Size

AR, a technology that overlays augmented reality, or virtual images, over live video of the real world, has been available in a handful of mobile apps for years, such as kids’ games or an IKEA app that lets you rearrange virtual furniture in your real home.

Google and Apple’s smartphone operating systems now offer advanced augmented reality tools, and the latest phones have much more powerful front cameras than they did a few years ago. The app makers have also done meticulous work to match the real-life colors and textures of beauty products to what appears on your smartphone screen.

Multi-Channel Sales: Build List

  • Must set strategy: BE A PLANNER
  • Build a digital asset: BE INNOVATIVE
  • Develop mobile app: BE EASY ACCESSIBLE
  • Be present on social media: BE INTERACTIVE
  • Take safety precautions: BE PROTECTIVE
  • Protect customer data: BE RESPECT
  • Offer live support: BE CONTACTED
  • Open different channels: BE DIFFERENT
  • Follow analytical data: BE ASSESSMENT

Most Common Mistakes In Sales: To Do List

  • Creating inconsistency between channels,
  • Using social media channels for marketing purposes only,
  • Inadequate customer support
  • Creating security vulnerability during payment transactions.

5 Keys To Surviving In The Industry

  • Diversify products: Expand your customer base by offering different products; PRODUCE VARIATION.
  • Analyze customer: Personalize shopping experience by analyzing customer behavior; PERSONALIZE.

Deliver fast: Provide faster-than-expected delivery, increase satisfaction; BE QUICK.

  • Offer live support: Quickly answer your questions and complaints; BE CUSTOMER FOCUSED.
  • Develop a mobile application: Make the shopping experience even more practical with an easily accessible mobile application; BE MOBILE.

Augmented reality filter: how to use it for your business?

State of Omnichannel Customer Service

42% of customers are willing to pay more when offered a friendly and more welcoming customer experience. Given a positive customer experience, 72% of customers share their experience with six or more people. Improved Customer Experience increases company revenue by 15%. Up to 89% of consumers switch to a competitor after a bad customer experience 64% of consumers consider customer experience more important than price when purchasing. 87% of customers think brands should put more effort into providing a seamless customer experience. Customers who experience positive social customer service are nearly 3 times more likely to recommend the brand to others.

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