Are you ready for your new colleague “artificial intelligence”?

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The sixth edition of the Technology Report, prepared by Softtech every year with the predictions of experts in their fields, has been published. According to the Technology Radar in the report; far from slowing down, digital transformation will gradually increase the volume it occupies in our lives. So much so that there are only two years left before artificial intelligence becomes our colleague! Technology Radar, which calls the period from 2025 to 2040 as the “Transition Period“, shares its predictions for this period as well and says, “The one who adapts survives”…

Artificial intelligence will be widespread by 2025

In the Technology Radar section, which covers the technological developments foreseen until 2080 in the 2023 Technology Report, the topics of Artificial Intelligence Colleagues, Edge Artificial Intelligence, 5G, Sustainability and Environment and Monitoring Technologies stand out in the period until 2025. The subject of “Artificial Intelligence Colleagues”, which was included in the Technology Radar in previous years, has been moved to an earlier date scale on the 2023 radar.

According to the youth, the profession of the future is artificial intelligence engineering

According to the information in the Technology Radar, the developments in the last two years show that artificial intelligence can be a colleague that can help individuals for many jobs and can undertake many jobs. At this point, it is predicted that by 2025, artificial intelligence will be a common colleague.

Is the world ready for this? From 2025, the digital world gets bigger

In the Transition Period from 2025 to 2040 on Technology Radar, Employeeless Organizations, Artificial Intelligence Professionals, Digital Finance, Digital Sense Interaction, Autonomous Vehicles, Basic Income, Quantum Artificial Intelligence, Digital Business Life, Virtual Universes, Digital Everything as Property and Service is among the important agenda items.

The main topics of the Digital Age, which covers post 2040, appear as Artificial Enterprise, Humanoid Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Human and Human Lifespan, Digital Reality and Wearable Invisible Technology. Also in this period, “Digital Finance” draws attention as a new title on the radar.

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The investment of “giants” in sustainability technologies is growing

One of the most important issues of our time, the climate crisis and sustainability are among the prominent topics of the 2023 Technology Report. The report, which draws attention to climate technology initiatives, states that there are over 3,000 climate technology initiatives and $222 billion has been invested in this area from 2013 to the first half of 2021.

The report, which states that the number of unicorn startups in the field of climate technologies has also increased to 78, is the remarkable information shared by large companies in areas such as carbon collection, tracking greenhouse gas emissions and renewable energy… Accordingly, Meta, Google, Apple, Facebook, Companies like Amazon and Microsoft are developing innovative solutions to the climate crisis.

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The digital healthcare industry raises standards in healthcare

Developments in science and technology are triggering transformation in the health sector as well as in many other fields. In recent years, old, inefficient working conditions have been replaced by value-oriented and patient-centered systems, while the digital health sector is effective in increasing service standards day by day.

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The building blocks of digital transformation such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, wearable and portable technologies, internet of things, big data, virtual and augmented reality, blockchain, 3D printers cause significant breakthroughs in the processes of health systems such as diagnosis, treatment, post-treatment and preventive health. . According to the information in the report, Big Data, Ingestible (Digestible) Technology, Tele Health, Mobile Health (mHealth), Wearable Applications and Digital Twin are among the popular technological developments of today.

New jobs will emerge for those who can adapt to new technologies.

In the 2023 Technology Report, it is stated that products and services supported by artificial intelligence are becoming more and more widespread both on the corporate and end-user side. It seems that “generalists”, who can communicate with artificial intelligence correctly, understand its working dynamics and language, and have knowledge in many different fields, can take the opportunity to gain a new profession and income by using artificial intelligence.

In the report, it is stated that, as in history, some professions will disappear due to technological developments, and new professions will arise for those who can adapt to new technologies. It is also pointed out that humans have begun to change the way they work by establishing a meaningful collaboration with artificial intelligence.

Europe is retiring old network technologies one by one

While digital transformation in Europe continues with 4.5G technology, a quarter of the world’s population has switched to 5G technology. By 2027, it is estimated that 75 percent of the world’s population will use 5G technology. The report data states that 5G is the fastest spreading mobile communication technology in history, and 2G and 3G network technology is gradually being phased out in Europe.

The technologies we will witness within the scope of 6G, which is seen as the technology of the future; the internet of the senses, connected smart machines, the connected sustainable world, a digitized and programmable physical world, the extreme wireless network, the mesh computing fabric, and the cognitive network.

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The cyber security factor should also be socially adopted

Cyber ​​security is another prominent topic in the 2023 Technology Report. Today, there are intense threats to the data on the internet, especially in critical industries and infrastructures such as energy, health, finance and communication.

At this point, cybersecurity is the common area of ​​studies that use technologies, processes, individuals and security controls to protect large-scale systems, devices on networks and the critical data they contain from attacks and reduce the risk of attacks. The biggest structures affected by cyber attacks are states.

According to the report , the cyber environment, whose volume has expanded especially in the digital age, also includes research and developments in the military field. It is pointed out that the social adoption and prioritization of the cyber security factor within the scope of Information and Communication Technologies will be beneficial in terms of the development of cyber security products and solutions of the defense industry in the country.

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