Big Data, the new digital revolution for businesses

Access to Big Data thanks to advances in Artificial Intelligence is driving the modern revolution in a discipline that is very much in vogue in businesses: Data Science.

Why should we be interested in Big Data?

Big Data, the term used to describe the influx of digital data from a plethora of sources, is becoming increasingly popular in society. Coupled with advances in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and the Cloud, it enables companies to extract coherent information and make strategic decisions based on the data being processed.

Combined with data science, Big Data has the potential to be a source of highly qualified information that is deeper and more detailed than ever before. The data analyst profession has become an essential part of the industry, where his skills are increasingly sought after by companies and can represent a strategic advantage in the market.

A technology adaptable in all sectors

Since its arrival in the digital world, Big Data has been making a name for itself in the world of information and research. Driven by Artificial Intelligence, Big Data is being used in medicine, finance, weather, online dating sites, and even sports betting.

By looking in-depth, data science is shedding light rather than replacing old research methodologies. The key is to create perfect harmony in the use of data to predict trends or behaviors in an increasingly connected world.

The latest example is the Covid-19 crisis, where several countries have invested in AI and Big Data to geolocate new outbreaks of contamination, to determine the actions to be taken, and to contain the pandemic. In the end, this technological revolution, seen as a new level of development, could prove much more useful for humanity.

The logic behind data retrieval and analysis

The relevance of the information oscillates between the inflow and the storage of data, compiled with data science allows modern companies to know to what extent they can optimize and improve their strategies. This is where the true power of data science lies, enabling efficient, modern, and active management of companies’ research and optimization efforts.

By anticipating needs and demand, Big Data goes further than “remarketing”, the practice of displaying ads based on your navigation. By analyzing human behavior, it is possible to predict multiple situations such as school failure, computer attacks, and even in some states, the geolocation of crimes.

Although the advantages of Big Data are numerous, its evolution is not without consequences, especially on the issue of data protection and privacy. This is certainly the biggest challenge the industry has to face in order to avoid any science-fiction movie-like scenario. Nevertheless, used wisely, Big Data for businesses is an excellent opportunity and an efficient way to optimize their logistics and organization.

The 5 Commandments of Big Data Influenced by Data Science

  1. Believe in Big Data and the power it holds to deliver tangible returns.
  2. The Big Data provides a detailed and more complete picture of the mass of accumulated data.
  3. The Big Data brings data to life through quantitative and qualitative methodologies.
  4. The Big Data enables the construction of clean, ready-to-use data to create models driven by data science.
  5. Exploit data history! The more the Big Data speaks for itself, the more the company can benefit.

If Knowledge is power, Big Data is the magic wand! It’s time for companies to wake up and optimize the untapped data they have. Information gathered from traditional data sources such as written text, audio messages, digital information, images, and numbers is a treasure trove and a unique opportunity for companies to make an impact on their own market and gain efficiency at a lower cost.

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