Cloud and mobility: the new challenges

Mobility is a major challenge facing companies. Today, more than ever before, businesses are resolutely committed to being mobile, as new technologies have made it much easier for people to work on the move.

New technologies are now opening up the possibility for companies to develop their mobility. They have everything to gain from it! The development of the Cloud and SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions have pushed companies to think about a new way of working. The trend is towards the proximity and instantaneity of information. For a business, being mobile also means moving forward in productivity and gaining in efficiency.

Preparing your company for the transition to mobility

Of course, a business does not decide to become “mobile” overnight. Moving to mobility requires a real internal reorganization of the structure, whether in terms of technology, human resources, or organization.

New processes need to be put in place that will enable the employees concerned and the manager to be able to follow their files and move forward as a team remotely. To achieve this, it is necessary to equip your company with solutions (cloud computing) and adequate mobile computing equipment (laptop, ultrabook, tablet, smartphone). A plan for the implementation of the mobile company will have to be concocted before any action is taken. And it will be essential to train employees in the use of the new equipment and to explain that the implementation of these new solutions will, for example, improve communication, productivity, and responsiveness…

Securing your data

Fear of loss or theft of equipment is one of the essential brakes in the development of mobility. But the rise of SaaS solutions, where data is no longer stored on individual mobile terminals but on secure servers, has considerably reduced the risks. Some operators, for example, offer to remotely erase your data on your tablets and smartphones if your equipment is lost or stolen. Thanks to cloud computing, you can change your passwords at any time and avoid the worst. You also reduce your risk of data loss in case of failure of your mobile devices. For those who remain resistant to cloud solutions, think about what could happen if your premises were to catch fire or be burglarized… What would you do?

Professional applications

With the rise of the cloud, more and more software that was previously only available on disk or that had to be installed on a computer before being used is now available for use in SaaS mode. This cloud-based software enables mobile employees to continue working as if they were at their desk while on the move. Very useful, for example, to make progress on their accounting or prospect lists between two appointments… It is also possible to follow in real-time the evolution of sales, see the availability of certain products, compare prices…

The BYOD, what is that?

More and more employees have taken the reflex in recent years to use their own terminals to work in mobility. The BYOD (bring your own device) trend can no longer be ignored. Nevertheless, mobile employees, especially those who use their own terminals to work, must be properly managed to remain productive. Clear objectives must be set and the manager must put in place effective tools to communicate regularly with the employee.

Tablets: the ever-increasing trend

According to IDC, 24.6 million tablets were sold worldwide in the first quarter of 2020.  Apple sold 6.9 million iPads, placing it at the top of the sales list. It is followed by Samsung (20.2%) and Huawei (12%).

In terms of mobile terminals, we have been witnessing for several years the arrival of the use of tablets in the professional world. This success is due to the great practicality of these terminals, which allow you to be operational in just one click, to quickly consult all the necessary documents, to reply to e-mails… An astonishing success when you consider that tablets were initially designed by manufacturers for the home market!

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