Booming trends: big data, cloud computing and bitcoin

To understand what tomorrow’s web will be made of, we need only look at the trends that are emerging and becoming increasingly important today.

The big data

It was the buzz word of the year 2013. The management of big data was even considered as one of the great challenges of the decade 2010-2020. Today, it is happening. Every day, a very large amount of information is aggregated on the Web, particularly through the many social networks. This mass data, if properly processed, can prove to be very valuable information for companies or communities. These databases can, for example, serve the marketing strategy of companies in real time.

Business ideas to launch

The three major challenges facing big data businesses are: data management, data modelling and the tools to manage that data. If you have a business idea related to one of these three challenges, go for it! Some ideas if you don’t see it very clearly: a consulting agency for large companies to optimize the use of their big data, a software in SaaS allowing professionals to easily exploit the data related to their business…

Cloud computing

The cloud is the other big trend that has been developing in recent years and changing the face of the Web. Now, most software and services are available in cloud computing, i.e. freely available via the net. While some people have been using the cloud for a long time, it is clear that most VSEs have not yet tried it. The development potential of the cloud is therefore still huge, and many services can still migrate to the Web. Another area of development announced: the birth of personal cloud spaces, with the particular benefit of better protection for items stored “in the cloud” by individuals or businesses.      

Business ideas to be launched

Many solutions have already been launched in the cloud. But there is still plenty of room for manoeuvre. A small example of a cloud related business you could launch: a service to store all your photos in a cloud space with the possibility to create albums.

Brand content

The distribution of branded content on the web is the new B.A ba of successful communication. These texts, videos, photos… for the brand’s customers allow them to talk about a company without adopting an advertising tone, which increasingly cools down consumers who are overwhelmed by marketing messages.

Creating brand content also allows the company to establish its presence on the Web and increase the referencing of its site or its products. In the future, this type of content will be more and more present on the Web and will represent a major stake in the development of the Web.

Business ideas to launch

Notice to aspiring entrepreneurs: there are still places to be taken in the sector! Apart from the simple concepts of creating text or video creation agencies for brands, it would be relevant to start creating content that is still little exploited. A few examples: application creation service for connected glasses for brands, video game production agency in augmented reality for a company…

The Mooc

Online universities have been making their big appearance in Europe in recent months. Since then, not a week has gone by without articles about these famous Moocs appearing in the press! And with good reason: the phenomenon is invading the Web at high speed and is perfectly in line with the expectations of Internet users. The success is growing and the Moocs promise to establish themselves as Web players to be reckoned with in the years to come.

Business ideas to launch

Who says concept in full emergence says vast business opportunities! Don’t delay, places in this sector are expensive and the premium often goes to the first entrant. Propose a quality concept that goes off the beaten track. Why not launch online childcare courses for overworked mothers-to-be, for example? Another idea: you could create a network dedicated to Mooc users to enable them to rate and advise each other on online courses. You could also consider launching a turnkey platform that would allow people or institutions wishing to create their own Mooc to facilitate their launch.


The alternative currency circulating on the Web was initially seen as a small phenomenon that would soon die out on its own. However, Bitcoin has become more and more important on the web and is now becoming a currency that will have to be relied upon in the coming years. After the creation of online services allowing to pay in Bitcoin on e-commerce websites, the first Bitcoin investment fund has just been created. Whether you believe in its future or not, Bitcoin must now be taken seriously.

Business ideas to launch

Use your imagination, there are surely hundreds of Bitcoin related projects that could work. Among them: an online currency exchange office that would allow you to exchange your physical currency for virtual currency (depending on the currency rate), an online betting site in Bitcoin, a platform for sales between individuals of the eBay type, but where payment would be made in Bitcoin, a Bitcoin “PayPal”…

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