How to stand out with e-commerce development?

E-commerce has become a part of consumers’ lives without our paying attention to it, and we realize our desires and wishes in a flash, everything goes faster! You just have to wait a few days or even sometimes only a few hours to receive what you have just bought. Consumers have become very demanding because sites are multiplying on the web, which creates total competition! So how to stand out and change the situation for customers? Become indispensable!

Get information on competitors’ prices

To stand out among all the e-commerce sites, one of the first points is the price. It is part of the first reflex when making purchases. Automatically, if your customers do not come regularly to your site, a lower price from the competition will seem more attractive. To remedy this, do price monitoring on similar items available on the web. You will then be able to have an overview of the market. However, be careful not to sell off your products under the pretext that your competitor is cheaper. Standing out as a high-end company can also be a guarantee of quality.

Always play with what’s new

To bring customers regularly on your platform, do in the novelty. Articles or derivatives of a new collection, range, or a new generation will attract your customers and many others. Faced with your competitors, a wide and innovative choice will be more and more popular. Even if the e-commerce site concerns a single article such as Tedibear and its mattress, it can still stand out. But in this case, marketing and communication play a major role and moreover their advertising is shifted to attract more attention.

Make occasional promotions

To establish yourself more easily on the market and stand out, why not play on prices regularly. It is not a question of selling off products, but only of offering small promotions with the help of influential people. E-commerce sites are relatively relevant to young people who are particularly fond of the web, social networks or Youtube. Try to get in touch with influencers to offer them to test your products. If they are convinced, they will talk about it with their community. This will help you stand out from your competitors. And if they also practice this type of marketing, find other influencers with new targets.

Have a more fun, more personalized approach

E-commerce is a sector where sites and articles are abundant, so it is very complicated to stand out from the customers. To do so, do not hesitate to sell yourself as a trendier, younger brand that does not take as much trouble. Make a list of your competitors with their arguments and slogans and try to appear more real to your consumers. This means a funnier slogan, a more design logo, a more direct approach with customers. Forget the typical slogans “Only with us are the prices so low”, or “quality is our trademark”.

Multiply advertising on multiple platforms

Some companies are only available on the web, in this perspective, they tend to bet everything on it for advertising. To stand out from the competition, you have to invest in other sectors to promote your products. Advertisements in the metro work very well and try to make more than one traveler laugh. Magazines are also a good way to make a difference, the brand seems important and serious. An e-commerce company needs to make itself known beyond its sector and its platform for more popularity and curiosity among consumers.

Be fast and pleasant for customers

One of the key factors to face the competition of e-business sites is to provide impeccable delivery and packaging. These are almost the only points evaluated by the customers. They can judge your performance with these arguments and if they are unflattering, they will not wish to repeat the experience. In this case, try to do better than your and don’t forget to let consumers share their opinions. A customer who has the freedom to express himself on your site, will be all the more satisfied and he will appreciate your desire for transparency. These small details can make the difference between two signs.

Leveraging the user experience

To stand out from the competition, the consumer experience is a key argument. If he is satisfied or not, he will want to let it be known and that is why it is necessary to be as close as possible to the customers. Personalizing the service will therefore be an asset, not only will customers be happy with their experience, but if they are not, they will be able to be properly accompanied. This is why for about two years now, chatbots have been multiplying on all e-commerce sites. They consist of chatting with customers for any reason via instant messaging. In most cases, it is an artificial intelligence that takes care of advising the consumer and accompanying him in the after-sales service. The customer experience then becomes complete for the consumer and he feels supported and listened to when needed, which can really make the difference with the competition. And the last thing you should never forget that can set you apart from websites that are a bit behind is the adapted mobile version. Customers are now increasingly using their smartphone to make purchases. So, in order to be up to date and stand out from competitors who are not, think about having a responsive site or an application dedicated to your brand. Not only will this help you stand out because not all sites are adapted to smartphones, but it is also an essential piece of advice.

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