Contest Dream Micro-Sites: now you can create a special Web Site for your Prize Contest in the simplest and easiest way

They say the best things often come in small packages. Think about it: jewelry, books, the keys to a brand new car …

Enter the rise of microsites for your contests. Unlike regular websites, microsites tend to be rather simpler and easier to navigate.

A microsite is an individual web page or small cluster of web pages that act as a separate entity for a brand. A microsite typically lives on its own domain, but some exist as a subdomain.

Microsites can be used to help brands achieve a number of things. For example, some companies have used them to highlight a specific campaign or target specific buyer personas. Others have used them to tell a short story, or to inspire a specific call-to-action.

What can we do with microsites:

  • launching a new product,
  • generating leads,
  • SEO advantage
  • effective branding
  • efficient email campaign
  • detailed information
  • increased public interest
  • less overcrowded home pages

…and above all…

  • Manage your super prize contests and promotions

With our Cat-alogue Contest we created a special contest for cat lovers to show you an example of what we can realize for you as micro-site:

And if you like cats and will participate to our contest, you can also win wonderful prizes!

If you need to realize a customized micro-site for your prize contest we have the perfect solution! And, of course, if you need legal advice also, we can help with that, too. With our qualified legal partners in international and local promotions, we can take on the management of competitions in many countries all over the world. For all companies interested in promoting services or products, we can provide full assistance (this feature needs of course an extra-quotation, basing on your needs).

With our basic micro-site you can create the following sections (as you can see in our Cat-alogue Contest):

  • homepage
  • contest
  • partecipate
  • about us
  • regulations
  • language
  • link to social networks
  • login (to play)

The contents published on your micro-site will be managed directly and easily by Contest Dream Content Management System section on your contest creation panel.

You can customize your graphic layout and send it to us (in a psd format) for the implementation on your micro-site. If you need particular customizations about sections, pages and contents we will provide you a quotation for that, too.

From a technical point of view, your contest micro-site will have natively all the integrations with our powerful platform Contest Dream, thanks of its RESTful API architecture, as, for example, the registration and login of players through our Single-Sign-On (SSO) system and all the interactions you can set up by your admin panel in your business account in Contest Dream.

[tags color=”blue”]Pricing for 1 standard micro-site (as above described) for 1 prize contest: 990,00 € *[/tags]

  • Delivery time: 10 days (after we receive your graphic layout files).
  • * price vat excluded

So, what are you waiting for? Ask us to realize your micro-site. Now.


Gianluca Busato
CEO – Enkronos d.o.o.

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