Integrated digital platforms are essential for fidelity and loyalty operations

An important area of Enkronos digital strategy application experience is represented by loyalty and fidelity systems.

A concrete example of realization was made from the application and technologic heart of the prize game promotion, promoted by a leading Italian energy company. The promotion was developed in collaboration with an Italian development partner.

The platform, which uses Loyalty Venue and Contest Dream technology, already proven in multiple game promotions, allows the integration of logistic platform needs for the delivery of prizes and integration flows with the Customer´s systems.

Structurally, the application consisted of complementary and integrated modules, suitable to fill the required features (orders input, ticketing system, availability check, notification controller and state machine, reporting/analysis and tracking costs) and generate the workflow of each possible integration with external systems.

The platform has been structured to manage intense volumes, typical of mass-market, with more than 60.000 orders per day during television advertising campaigns.

The orders workflow was automatically managed with the interfacing of couriers systems for the shipment management. At the same time, the system managed all the related information like the positive or negative ending of the operation, even integrating with existing billing systems.

The platform also provides the ticketing management for the management of the incidents and of the potential problems in the phase of prize shipment. It is articulated in different structured phases, with integration also with the Customers Call Centre.

An analysis and reporting system is then generated in push and pull mode in order to send statistical information on the platform operating status.

This project is part of the excellence of solutions provided by Enkronos, which always supports its specialization in web and mobile development, to deep architectural knowledge, which enabled us to become partners at very complex projects on one hand, and to launch to the market new solutions, on the other hand. Both is very well exemplified by Contest Dream platform, used for creating and managing prize games and promotions.

Gianluca Busato
CEO – Enkronos d.o.o.

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