Customer Engagement: The Mission of Community Manager and the Social Media Manager

Community Manager, this new function plays a major role in customer engagement. In just a few years, the function has become a key position in the company given the changes in social networks and the economy. The Community Manager leads a community on the web. He represents a brand, an organization or a product on the Internet by playing the role of ambassador. In the beginning, his missions consisted mainly in expressing himself to represent his company or its products on the web in order to ensure consumer loyalty, but what about today?

Design, writing and animation and reporting

According to the results of the Moderator’s Blog survey, “community managers perform a wide variety of tasks on a daily basis: account management (96%), writing (80%), analyzing results (76%), producing photos or images (75%), brand watch and monitoring (65%), customer relations (54%), video production (43%), influencing communication and press relations (31%), etc.”.

The number one objective of community managers is to work on brand awareness, followed by the acquisition of new customers. To evaluate the performance of their actions, they mainly look at the commitment obtained, and the visibility generated. The number of fans and followers remains an important KPI for 65% of them. »

The Community Manager ensures compliance with the rules

Set up within the community and verify the quality of user-generated content. Thus, it does not act as an intermediary between consumers and the company but speaks and acts in the name and on behalf of the company. In this sense, he must be able to identify the needs of the members of his community and respond to them adequately. He or she must determine the expectations of customers, since he or she comes into “direct” contact with them. The establishment of a climate of trust is essential. Community Management is about creating a world that is connected to the brand or company. It optimizes its activities by producing different types of publications: video tutorials, games and contests, animations, applications… The content created must be digital.

Engagement, management, monitoring and social networks

The Community Manager ensures the management of the company’s reputation on the web. He plays the role of moderator by ensuring that the comments made by contributors within the community do not harm the company’s image. Its role is not only to represent and promote the company to Internet users. He or she must ensure that the company’s image is beyond reproach. Technically, he proceeds to the optimization of the referencing of the company’s website on search engines. Thus, he ensures the visibility of the brand, the product or the company on the web, especially on social networks such as Facebook, MySpace, Viadeo, YouTube.

According to the survey, some social networks are becoming increasingly important for community managers: this is notably the case of Instagram, LinkedIn and TikTok, although the application is still on the bangs of the platforms invested by CMs. »

  • 91% of community managers think Facebook is important
  • Instagram is second with 81%. LinkedIn is third, with 72 per cent
  • However, 45% of CMs feel that Facebook is losing momentum.
  • The importance of TikTok in the professional environment is increasing according to 67% of CMs.
  • Instagram is on the rise for 79% of them.
  • 76% observe a drop in free visibility on Facebook (organic reach)
  • But 40% get their best organic results on Facebook

Community Manager and Social Media Manager profiles

The community manager is a very sensitive function. It requires a great deal of skill, diplomacy and responsiveness on the part of the agent. The Community Manager must have an excellent sense of listening, contact, empathy and, above all, good interpersonal skills. Curious, intellectual and endowed with a very good general culture, this agent must understand the economic stakes of the company. Mastering the tools for monitoring and measuring E-reputation is essential to ensure the evolution of the positioning of the brand, the product or the company on the web. Its ability to detect new tools and web trends is a guarantee for the success of its missions. This implies that it must be able to closely follow the evolution and trends of the web.

The function of the community manager is related to the different sectors of the company. Namely, the communication director, the marketing director, the external and internal communication manager, and above all, the editor-in-chief. The role of the Community Manager in the search for partnerships is essential. Given the importance of his or her missions, he or she may occupy the position of functional project manager.

However, the digital and economic evolutions bring about a new role which, with the pandemic, will be more and more indispensable and become a key person in the company.

A function to which it is essential to pay attention because it will undoubtedly become a key mission of the company.

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