How does artificial intelligence transform the customer experience?

Customer experience professionals were among the first to adopt artificial intelligence. AI is reinventing the way a company operates and how it relates to consumers. It enables a more personalized customer experience that is better adapted to their needs. Here are a few points where the customer experience takes full advantage of artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has been gaining momentum in recent years. According to Gartner, the customer experience will account for the majority of the value of AI within a year. This is a huge market for AI designers. We explain how AI is profoundly transforming the customer experience in the enterprise.

A constant presence for customers

Via chatbot, artificial intelligence allows a constant presence of the company for the customers. The chatbot is the possibility for companies to offer a 24/7 response to solve any possible problem that a customer might encounter. They allow to extend the opening hours of call centers and improve the experience of future buyers.

Better understand customers’ feelings and expectations

AI allows to better understand and identify the expectations and wishes of current or potential customers. Surveys, network comments, customer opinions are all messages to be deciphered for artificial intelligence, which provide valuable information for the company. For Aubin Grondin, an artificial intelligence expert at, this is one of the most important contributions a company can make. Indeed, according to the specialist, it would allow to better understand the feelings and emotions of the customer and to discover what he thinks of the brand and the products. It thus offers precise feedback to brands, which they can use to update their products or services. Artificial intelligence could also automate certain tasks, such as comment moderation.

Optimize customer relations

Artificial intelligence helps optimize customer relations by reducing waiting times during a call and optimizing call transfers. It also makes it possible to revolutionize certain practices. Some bots integrated into Facebook Messenger work little miracles. It is, for example, possible to order a pizza by typing PIZZA in the Domino’s chat.

Personalize the customer experience to the maximum

The goal is obviously to improve the customer experience but also to personalize it as much as possible in order to offer the customer a service adapted to his own needs. The data provided by a user and his past behaviors are valuable tools for building an individualized experience. Products advise, personalized home page according to the customer’s interests… allow the customer to feel heard and understood. By sticking to his expectations and anticipating them, it allows for long-term customer loyalty.

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