Decentralization of mobile gaming with Blockchain technology

The invention of Blockchain 2.0 has paved the way for many things, thanks to its smart operation, Blockchain 2.0 is efficient, fast and cheap to use, that’s why many businesses are created on it.

The year 2017 has been a good year for the widespread adoption and use of blockchain and its crypto currencies.

It was in this situation that the EON team came together to work on designing a platform known as the EON platform designed to meet the needs of gamers and other gaming related services.

The EON platform is a decentralized blockchain platform with a user-friendly interface where users can easily log in, developers can distribute their games at no cost, and players can easily and efficiently discover games with little cost.

The current problems faced by gamers, game developers, its distribution and how the EON platform aims to solve them

PAYMENTS: When a game developer releases a game targeting user around the world, they have to merge the payment methods of local markets, most of the time these developers usually have to find a middleman to handle the local selling price of the game, and the middleman will collect a charge or commission for their services, which usually increases the cost of that game and players from foreign countries will not be able to play such games due to the high cost.

Again, due to the centralization of the entire game distribution platform, payment from the developer is often delayed by 60 days, which can be very frustrating.

The EON platform will solve this problem as it will be an Ethereum-based blockchain platform that will be globally accessible with fast and efficient payment. With this infrastructure, developers will not have to worry about merging local payments or hiring an intermediary to manage the local price of a game, as it will be a decentralized platform where there will be no use for an intermediary. being done peer-to-peer on the EON platform, with this development, game prices will be profitable for players to buy.

GAME DISCOVERY AND PROMOTION: This is another issue that plagues game developers and gamers globally. Currently, game developers spend about 30% of their net sales on centralized game distribution platforms (Apple, Google) and online ad platforms (Facebook). advertising networks to reach targeted users. Instead of designing a game for gamers, developers tend to design games that will meet the requirements of these centralized game distribution platforms, so their chances of exposure will increase.

The EON platform will be able to solve this problem with the use of the “Smart Contract” application. Smart Contract is a program that runs on the Ethereum blockchain and zeroes out the risk of fraud or third-party interference.

The result of using the EON platform will be a win-win situation for the developers as they will be able to earn more money due to the reduction of market costs and for the players as they will be able to easily discover games and earn money when they support a game. of their interest or choice.

The EON platform will have the following interesting features.

REFERRAL SYSTEM: All users of the EON platform will have their own smart contract referral which will be stored on the blockchain, every time they refer a new player, and a new player plays a game on the EON platform, the referee will be rewarded tokens for contributing to the development of the platform.

Every referral activity will be recorded on blockchain and auditable by all, making the exchange of traffic on the EON platform more efficient and reliable.

GAME COMMUNITY: This community is uniquely designed to allow players to socialize and communicate with their peers. In this community, each user will have their own profile page where they can submit a review, video or photo of a game, as well as share information, activities and achievements in the community. Users with positive achievements that contribute to the unique development of the EON platform will receive EON tokens.

GAME DISCOVERY SYSTEM: This system is designed to allow players to easily discover, purchase and play games of their choice, since the EON platform supports many cryptocurrencies, players will have no difficulty purchasing a game with crypto currency.

DEVELOPER SYSTEM: This system is for developers to submit games, view statistics and also set smart contracts for reference and they can also be set rewards for different factions within the game. All changes will be recorded on blockchain.

This is a token based on Ethereum [Erc20] and the core crypto currency that will be used on the EON platform. It will support the economy and facilitate the growth of the EON platform. All rewards in the platform will be in EON tokens which can then be exchanged for other crypto-currencies or Fiat as the holder wishes.

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