E-commerce: how to build customer loyalty?

E-commerce sites are multiplying on the web, giving free rein to the competition! So how to stand out and build customer loyalty?

According to Forbes 4th quarter 2019 Internet Usage Observatory, 38.2 million Internet users have already made online purchases, i.e., 88.2% of them. This represents 822,000 more cyber-buyers than a year ago.

Always use what’s new

It attracts customers to your platform. Articles or derivatives of a new collection will capture the attention of your customers. In front of your competitors, an innovative choice will often be preferred. If your e-commerce site concerns a single article like Pierre Hermé and his buttons, you can still differentiate yourself from the competition. But in this case, marketing and communication around the product play a major role.

Learn the habits of your customers

Most sites retrieve information about consumers during their previous purchases to make pushes, alert messages sent by a server to a user through a mobile application corresponding to their interests.

Pay special attention to the community

Facebook or Twitter are privileged channels to inform consumers about new products, but also to listen to them… and to stand out from the competition in order to turn customers into fans.

Offer multiple payment methods and benefits

Gift cards and vouchers, loyalty points, discounts and benefits, wallets, … To remain efficient, it is essential to offer a real choice of payment methods so that each customer can pay with ease when making a purchase. At the time of payment, you can offer discounts, cash back, cash front, targeted benefits, …), trust is gained and has long-term repercussions on the customer relationship.

Develop your notoriety, visibility and credibility

You can by a powerful communication engrave in the minds your image, your values, your brand, your graphics or your logo.

Take into account e-logistics

Web consumers have very specific expectations and behaviors and want to be delivered in record time if not to go to the stores, at lower cost and with an optimal quality on which they will be more vigilant. In case of dissatisfaction, reputation can be damaged: if a customer can place an order in three clicks thanks to the Internet, he can post a negative opinion on networks, forums and other e-merchant rating sites in three clicks as well. The entrepreneur must therefore implement effective order tracking to build customer loyalty and be particularly attentive to the following issues: delivering the product and in perfect condition, ensuring the best possible lead times and delivery at a competitive price or even free of charge.

Find out about competitors’ prices

The price is part of the first reflex of study during the purchases and the price comparators are there to testify it. Do price watch on similar items available on the web. You will then be able to have an overview of the market and develop an argument that will explain your prices. Be careful not to sell your products under the pretext that your competitor is cheaper. Presenting yourself as a high-end company can also be a guarantee of quality and moreover you must ensure your margin.

Make occasional promotions

To establish yourself more easily on the market and stand out, why not use other cards. It’s not a question of selling off products, just offering promotions.

Multiply advertising on multiple platforms

Some companies are only available on the web, in this perspective, they tend to bet everything on it for advertising. Investing in other sectors to promote your products (posters, television…) and never neglecting traditional communication develops visibility.

Focus on the user experience

Consumer experience is a key argument. If he is satisfied or not, he will want to let it be known and that is why it is necessary to be as close as possible to the customers. Personalizing your service will therefore be an asset, not only will customers be happy with their experience. If they are not, they will see that you pay attention to their remarks. Chatbots are multiplying on all e-commerce sites and allow, thanks to instant messaging, to chat with customers. It is in fact an artificial intelligence that advises the consumer and accompanies him in the after-sales service.

Be attentive to the customer thanks to the after-sales service

The presence of an efficient after-sales service, always listening, will allow you to respond directly to the request in case of dissatisfaction and to show the customer the attention you pay to him.

Pamper web influencers to make your company known

The information on the internet is in perpetual turmoil. Word of mouth, viral spreads at an uncontrollable speed. For companies, knowing how to listen to the ears of the web requires the acquisition of new skills that must be constantly updated. For brands, it is therefore a question of knowing how to find the influencers present on social networks and learn how to work with them. You must first discern those who have a real influence on the internet. They can be recognized by regular contributions via blogs, emails, social and professional networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook. They also participate in community sites, called “digg-likes” to exchange favorite web links. You will recognize influencers by their audience, the number of retweets after a Twitter post or the number of “likes” following a Facebook post. You can also look at the number of comments that have been posted on their blog.

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