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Enkronos is a mobile application development team that brings together experts in the design of custom and cost-effective applications.

Nomadism also touches the digital world. No wonder the number of mobile application users is exploding. The daily time spent using them is 3 hours, according to the annual App Annie study on mobile applications. It must be said that the benefits of using them are numerous. And this is also true for businesses: applications are a communication and loyalty tool; they generate traffic and help sell.

Why choose Enkronos team as your mobile application development? 

Our offer in mobile application & smartphone development has continued to grow. To achieve this, we have set ourselves the rule of offering the most innovative products possible. Constantly evolving, both in terms of technology and trends, we are constantly adapting them so that they are at the cutting edge of the best. This makes us one of the best specialists in application design today.

Whether it is for the development of a mobile application specific to a terminal or for a plurality of platforms for downloading (iPhone, iPad, smartphones and Android tablets), we do better than accompany you since we are, and this is what makes our difference, a force for proposals. We analyze your request and bring all our know-how to a market that we know perfectly well since we have been involved in it since its beginnings.

Perhaps to answer your request, the mobile application is not the ideal solution? Our expertise in this field allows us to answer you! And eventually, to bring you the solution that suits you best.

But maybe also that the creation of a mobile application makes sense? If this is the case, you should know that in addition to the creative aspect and ease of use, we develop a mobile smartphone application “made to measure”. We are able to perfectly meet your specifications, whether in terms of objectives, functionality or ergonomics.

To achieve such a result, our mobile application development agency is composed of the best iOS/Android creative and developers in the industry. The goal is to create the richest and easiest mobile application possible. Our field of investigation covers all areas: from game creation to business mobile application development. Whether a playful experience or an innovative work tool, the mobile application is now part of your projects. What if we shared it with you?

The big trend of the mobile smartphone application

An essential communication vector, but also for building loyalty, or even finalizing orders, contracts, etc., the mobile application responds effectively and judiciously to new navigation trends that are increasingly mobile. Whether on the train, streetcar, metro or in the street, your brand accompanies your targets on a daily basis. Even better, it is present on the main stores such as the AppStore and Google Play.

In fact, the mobile application is part of the continuity of your website. It is therefore a “mobile solution” that can provide a service that your website cannot offer to your Internet users. Moreover, once downloaded, you can use a mobile application without having an Internet connection! This can be particularly attractive for some of your prospects.

Mobile applications are on the rise. Appearing in the 1990s, their development has followed that of the Internet and technologies related to wireless networks, especially thanks to the cell phone (smartphone). It must be said that they bring many advantages. Among them, their “multi-uses” since all sectors are concerned, so certainly yours? And the demand is strong since in Europe, the average smartphone user would use nearly forty per month! Still according to the App Annie study, his smartphone would contain about 90 of them. Europe is therefore in the upper middle of countries using these applications. Today, the two main download platforms are the App Store and Google Play.

Applications, a source of traffic and revenue

The advantage of using a mobile application development agency to create your own is twofold. Applications generate traffic and, when it suits the company’s needs, revenue. In 2017, for example, out of 175 billion applications downloaded worldwide, mobile users spent some $86 billion. This corresponds to a 60% increase in volume compared with 2015.

What’s more, the sectors are numerous, if not infinite. Among them are mobile games, location-based services (GPS), banking, order tracking, ticketing (travel, concerts, etc.), advertising (purchases/sales, job postings, etc.), mobile medical applications, listening to music, radio, watching videos or television channels, consulting the Internet, social networks (such as Facebook), and so on.

Downloadable or not, mobile applications can also serve as a communication vector for companies that want to exchange with other companies (B to B). An application can even be developed within a structure, for internal use. The field of use is therefore immense, with the possibility of “stimulating” communication both internally and externally, and of meeting various and varied objectives as a backdrop.

Let’s discuss about your mobile application development project. Enkronos team can offer the best fit solution for your business. Contact us today.

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