Effective influencer marketing on Instagram [+ examples]

On social networks such as Instagram, YouTube and Facebook, influencers promote teas, watches, creams, etc. Such influencers create a community of followers who are eager to follow him and interact with him in real life. Whether they are micro-influencers or users with more than 500,000 followers, they include brand names in their content on social networks, recommending them to their observers and encouraging them to buy the products they use. This is influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is a field of marketing that has grown tremendously in recent years. It aims to use the recommendation potential of influencers to reach a specific target audience and potential customers.

The recommendation potential of influencers in social networks is enormous. An example of the scale of this potential is exemplified by one of the photos of Hailey Bieber, Justin Bieber’s wife. The star has more than 40 million followers on Instagram, and her photo in jeans by American brand Levi’s has 1.7 million likes.

Social media’s most influential influencers and brands are changing

But how do successful brands conduct their marketing efforts on Instagram? Is there a particular strategy you could use? Find out in this article!

Why and how to work with influencers?

With 1.3 billion monthly active users by 2021, more than 500,000 influencers and 25 million brands, Instagram has become the most important platform for companies to gain online visibility.

The global value of the influencer marketing industry will exceed $14 billion this year. That’s 20 times more than in 2015 (https://blog.hubspot.fr/marketing/marketing-influence-chiffres)

Most Instagram users are under the age of 35. This social network is therefore an ideal marketing platform for companies that target a young audience.

Many companies have realized that working with influencers can be very lucrative and significantly increase brand awareness in a short period of time. Influencers can promote especially beauty products and clothing, but also hotels or the travel industry.

Still not sure if working with an influencer will be beneficial for your online store? To help you, here’s an overview of the benefits of influencer marketing.

Back in 2016, Nielsen Catalina Solutions (NCS) conducted a study on the effectiveness of influencer marketing. The results showed that content promoted in this way leads to a purchase decision much more often than, for example, classic display advertising.

  • A good influencer marketing strategy can bring concrete business results
  • Reaching a wider audience and increasing the reach of the marketing message
  • Achieving a better conversion rate of marketing campaigns by reaching new audiences
  • Improving brand image and recognition
  • Increasing the visibility and number of organic links to the site.

Overall, implementing a solid and effective marketing strategy on Instagram can increase sales, brand awareness and drive traffic to your website.

It is a misconception that only big brands with big budgets for the most well-known influencers can effectively promote their products on Instagram. It is the small and not yet very well-known online stores that can gain the most from having their products recommended by celebrities on Instagram.

How to choose the right influencer for your brand?

If the benefits of using influencer marketing are no longer in doubt, the question remains how to choose the right person for such cooperation. How to avoid making a mistake and choose an influencer who will not compromise your brand image?

A guide to choosing the right influencers for your brand

To get a return on investment, you don’t need to establish partnerships with only the most visible people in social networks, as many users and potential customers trust nano- and micro-influencers (5,000 to 100,000 followers)! With established relationships based on trust, many Internet users are assured that Instagrammers are not only interested in money, but want to provide serious and personal recommendations for their community.

Consumers trust their favorite Instagrammer more than “traditional” brand marketing.

Collaboration can therefore have added value for both parties, especially if the influencer is the age of your target audience and can present your product in a natural way.

Still not convinced. Here’s a strategy of brands that have managed to increase their awareness and succeed mainly by collaborating with influencers and bloggers.

Influencer marketing in your ecommerce campaigns

Secrets of successful brands on Instagram

Big, fast-growing brands such as Daniel Wellington, iDeal of Sweden and NA-KD have the same secret: an effective social networking strategy – including an increased presence on Instagram.

To understand how these brands have achieved such a high level of awareness in recent years, we reveal their marketing strategy using the example of Swedish clothing company NA-KD.

But what makes this company different from other start-ups? Because, if I’m honest, their offerings are not strongly different from those of market giants like H&M or Zara.

1. Choose and diversify influencers well

?️The key to their success? Working closely with the most well-known influencers and celebrities around the world, but also with micro-influencers.

The brand works with influencers such as Anja Louise Phenix (44,000 followers), Chloe Bleinc (905,000 followers), Mathilde Goehler (1.2 million followers) and Pamela Reif (8.2 million followers). It also stands to reason that the Swedish company is committed not only to following current fashion trends, but also to staying ahead of them.

2. Targeted and high-quality content strategy

NA-KD has 3 million followers on Instagram. But their profile features more than just photos of models and influencers wearing the brand’s clothes. In addition to photos promoting products, the company posts photos of the beach, cute animals and bouquets of flowers.

NA-KD’s offerings are aimed at women of Generation Y and Z. Young Internet users love the combination of “real-life” photos with the more commercial photos of influencers promoting the new collection. In this way, NA-KD instills confidence in its followers, which gives them a better chance of converting them into customers.

NA-KD focuses exclusively on influencer marketing, not relying on traditional advertising campaigns such as TV spots.

Influencer marketing: how much does it cost?

3. Discount codes

In addition to its own original content on Instagram, the Swedish company attracts customers with numerous discount codes. These are offered by an influencer working with the brand. As a result, many followers feel directly involved and are encouraged to buy and take advantage of the “unique” offer. In this way, not only new customers are gained, but also the online purchasing power is increased.

The great thing about codes is that you can easily analyze which influencers are converting best, and therefore are the best fit for your target audience. This is a good way to decide which influencer you will continue to work with.

With the “swipe up” feature, available for all accounts with more than 10,000 followers, influencers can easily embed a link directly into their accounts or rolls on Instagram. In this way, users can access their online store page at the touch of a finger. This greatly increases their sales and traffic!

4. Interactions, challenges and contests

In addition, the brand regularly interacts with its observers, such as answering questions and holding contests and challenges.

The service actively promotes its account on Instagram. As part of one of its campaigns, you can post a photo with the brand’s clothes, accessories or shoes. Then you should tag your post on Instagram with the hashtag #beNAKD. This greatly increases the reach of the marketing message. In return, NA-KD offers free outfits to 10 followers every week and publishes the winning photos.


The key points of the Swedish company’s strategy that you can use are:

working closely with all kinds of influencers who reach your target audience and can represent your brand,

maintaining your own account on Instagram and feeding it with interesting content for your target audience, as well as photo, video and testimonial type ads,

taking advantage of promotional codes offered later by influencers of your community (preferably presented using the “swipe up” feature in testimonials to generate traffic to your site),

regularly interacting with your community with the help of organizing games, contests or special campaigns,

Focusing on your core marketing strategy.

Now it’s your turn – try to use the marketing potential of Instagram to increase your sales!

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