After ending its successful ICO and as announced, we’re proud to announce officially that on next Monday 15th 2019 Enkronos Token (ENK) will be listed on IDEX as a result of a successful project and in the most suitable moment of the market in order to give ENK token the most appropriate value.

Enkronos Apps is an exclusive multi-application environment for advertising, marketing, AI and big data solutions.

Enkronos Applications are driven by a focus to centralize the entire concept of companies engaging with their consumers. Multiple applications, with each having a unique approach to engage their users, create an environment where the creators can quickly publish complex solutions. Each solution solves a different problem that, not only answers a specific issue for the company or the creator of the solution, but also reduces the time required to do this to a bare minimum.

Enkronos Apps are built on a highly modular concept, where removing, adjust, scaling or improving any aspect is simple and clean. All applications of the environment use a centralized single sign-in (SSO) environment. This removes any authentication or data authorization issues that an application could have and eases the use of all applications throughout the world of Enkronos Applications.

Creators of content on Enkronos Apps can see their feedback from all applications in a common cloud-based environment. They have the ability to manage all sources of data, which applications gather, from one single and easy to use dashboard.

ENK tokens will also create a crypto-ecosystem with other tokens, starting with aQuest Tokens (AQU) already listed. In next future other crypto projects will follow, introducing new utility tokens that will be convertible in the new crypto-ecosystem. We’ll disclose information about that very soon.

Enkronos Marketing Team

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