Thanks to our unique experience and knowledge about crypto-world and digital development technology we announce a new powerful platform to let you run your ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or STO (Security Token Offering) without any problem.

Our solution includes a client portal, with a dashboard integrated with smart contracts, also developed by us.

Your ICO / STO will accept not only ETH but also any other cryptocurrencies and fiat money, launch airdrop and affiliate programs, provide investors with unique wallets, display the amount of investments and tokens, automate Whitelist/KYC, and much more.

You will have your Web-Based Dashboard for Admin or Owner of the business and the Users / Buyers will have their Web Application in order to participate the ICO / STO interacting with the Smart contract.

And, of course, we can provide you also with the public web site with all the information publicly available.

Here are the main features of our solution:

  • Smart contract for ERC20 token
  • Registration of buyers (name, address, compliance documents like passport/ID, proof of residence etc.)
  • KYC / AML (know your client / anti money laundering procedures)
  • Login
  • Possibility to buy different products (real estate products like real estate shares, or timeshare / weeks of holidays)
  • Payment (btc, eth, credit card, bank transfer)
  • Smart contract for tokensale
  • Exporting Data to XLS and CSV for admin

And these are the smart Contract functionalities:

  • Managing several stages (Private sale, Pre-sale, Sale), where dates can be changed manually and the contract can be paused
  • Discounts and bonuses for early investors
  • Sending tokens manually to any wallet (bounty campaign, advisors, marketing, etc.)
  • Freezing tokens in the wallets of investors until you decide to unfreeze them
  • Ability to change the token price if necessary
  • Multi-signature contract (hackers will not get your money)
  • Limiting the minimum and maximum contributions for each stage
  • Instant transfer of funds to your wallet (if necessary)
  • Burning the unsold tokens
  • Return of funds to investors (if the softcap has not been reached)
  • The maximum limit for the token issuance
  • Listing on GitHub and etherscan.io

Times of development: 2-4 weeks.

Contact us for more details about this solution.

Enkronos Marketing Team

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