We’re proud to announce that Enkronos has been selected to be part of the public voting in the 2nd edition of Bold Awards. Public voting will be held on Jan 6-20, 2020 and Enkronos will participate in Boldest Advertising, Boldest AI, Boldest Open Innovation categories. Enkronos project can be viewed at https://bold-awards.com/enkronos/.

After the public voting, the five nominees per award category will be selected by the BOLD Awards Judges. The BOLD Award winners will be announced and celebrated at the awards gala on March 27, 2020, at H-FARM, Venice.

Enkronos Apps” are a unique data driven multi-application platform for advertising, marketing, AI and big data solutions.

BOLD Awards recognizes top companies, projects and individuals powering breakthroughs around the world.

Crowdsourcing Week & H-FARM came together to organize the most innovative Awards program. Hosted in Venice, Italy @ H-FARM, this will be a unique awarding event which combines the power of the crowd and the hard work of individuals.

Now in its second year, the BOLD Awards and aims to source and share stories of individuals, companies and organizations large and small from all over the world who are adjudged to be managing their crowd-related projects and initiatives in a way that really powers breakthroughs. By celebrating their BOLDness it is hoped to inform and inspire others to follow suit and to be BOLD. 

Projects will be evaluated on the following criteria: Level of Impact 40%, Scalability 30%, Transparency 20%, H-factor 10% (Human & Social).

Level of Impact: BOLD thinking and actions that add value to the business and the ecosystem in which it operates.

  • Scalability: There should be global potential and/or use in other applications or development opportunities for the business/project concept. 
  • Transparency: Operates in authentic and open way to encourage trust and engagement.
  • H-Factor: Be Human. Put people are at the heart of your product/services and believe that they’re the heart of your company too.

Finalists will be selected via public voting, then jury members with category-specific expertise will evaluate the shortlisted entries based on their criteria and select 5 nominees per category. The public vote is weighted 50% and the judges final vote is also 50%. 

Enkronos Marketing Team

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