Gamification in a few clicks with Contest Dream Gamify!

Easily create your ideal audience by location, interests and demographics and find new potential customers interested in your brand, products and services. You can now create free contests for up to 1,000 participations!

Contest Dream, the platform for creating and managing online prize contest and promotions   developed by Enkronos, is now enriched with a new product based on Gamification: Contest Dream Gamify.

To see an example of Contest Dream Gamify we have created this example for you: . Play with it and find out how it works!

Contest Dream Gamify allows you to create and manage challenges and nested competitions, composed of different types of mechanisms. On the same initiative, you can involve your users with a basic questionnaire, a photo contest and instant victory based on destiny.

You can decide to assign physical prizes for each competition, or only after the user has passed all the challenges. Prizes can be physical objects of your choice, virtual prizes “virtual recognition” of the user’s skills (badge, leaderboard etc.), or even digital prizes of third parties, such as gift cards (Amazon Card, Apple Store & iTunes Gift Card, etc.).

With Contest Dream Gamify you can create entertaining competitions and in addition acquire new users interested in you and your products and services. You can engage specific audiences in social networks, for example in Facebook by creating advertising campaigns aimed to a specific target, defined for example for aspects related to location, interests and demographics. Thanks to this mechanism you can build new pre-defined audiences of interested users and provide them with products, services and more targeted communication. Contest Dream tools allows you to profile and create your targeted community users.

Your contest will therefore be the starting point for a new relationship and communication with potential customers and users interested in your brand. This is an innovative and unprecedented way to create the perfect audience for your business identity that allows you to start a new profitable relationship with your customers.

However if you want to create a long-lasting relationship with the new customers you have found thanks to Contest Dream, you can also set up a personalized loyalty program for them using Loyalty Venue that is another of our dedicated platforms.

Have fun and let your potential customers have fun to starting today with Contest Dream!

From Tuesday, December 12 the platform free usage limit is raised up to 1,000 participations!

Up to that limit it’s all free and after you have exceeded this limit you decide if you want to subscribe to a plan with more advanced features.

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