Lead Generation with Contest Dream and Gamify

Create your Audience / Create your Public / Create your Community

Contest Dream and Gamify let you create and maintain during time an audience of people which predefined peculiar characteristics (geographical demographical and based on their interests). Contest Dream is the online platform for creating and managing your promotions and contests and Gamify is its section that let you create sequences of chained contests for gamification purposes.

Nowadays the audiences created, for example, thanks of social media and web advertising (Facebook Adv, Google Adwords and so on) are ephemeral, volatile and limited. That is, they do not allow you to reuse the potential contact, unless you can maintain during time their information and their consumer profile (that is an expensive activity and also dangerous, from a legal point of view). Other solutions instead are outdated, if not even illegal and spam risky (as users lists or databases sold online).

Thanks of Contest Dream and Gamify, the members of the community you have builded (for example through a Fb or Adwords Adv Campaign, or thorugh other communication or viralization mechanisms) will be always at your disposal, through a dashboard. This dashboard has segmentation tools (based on different features) and the possibility of download of filtered segments (with all the choosen contact and profile data) on excel files, that can be reused in various ways (newsletters, CRM, cross-selling and so on).

Contest Dream Lead Generation tools are perfectly legal, since they are based on the user’s consent of data use and will also provide them of the possibility to unsubscribe with a data protection policy natively compliant with the new legal framework of GDPR that will be enforceable next 25th of May 2018 in all the EU.

Then you can  start your lead generation campaign having one of these goals:

  • Find new customers
  • Find new followers / fans
  • Find new business partners
  • Find new friends
  • Finding new students
  • Create a tailored audience

Here are the phases of your audience building campaign.

  1. Define your target selecting criteria

  • Geographic origin
  • Demography
  • Gender
  • Interests
  1. Select the engagement mechanism

  • Prize Contest
  • Game
  • Gamification
  • Quiz
  • Survey
  • Test
  • Location based mechanisms (for example based on the visit on a store, or in particular geographic point of interest)
  • Loyalty – points
  • Prizes (assigned for ability, random, loyalty)
  • Content
  • More chained mechanisms
  • SSOs with Facebook and/or other social media to collect info on profile and interests
  1. Engage!

  • Start your campaign (define duration, dates, milestones)
  • Promote it with an online advertising campaign
  • Monitor the results
  • Control the audience you are building
  • Make a cross-action (new proposals, cross-selling, marketing etc.)
  • Correct and optimize your campaign
  1. Collect your results

  • When the campaign ends you will have create your Audience
  • You can view your users through a dashboard
  • You can filter your users for geographical, demograpghical, gender and interests features
  • You can download your data in csv / excel files
  • You can reuse your data for future marketing actions
  1. Maintain your Audience

  • Create new engagement mechanisms (inside or outside Contest Dream or other Enkronos solutions)
  • Keep it informed (with nesletters, infos etc.)
  • Build a long-life relationship (with CRM, selling, loyalty and so on)

You can activate your audience building campaign directly registering in Contest Dream and starting a contest or, better, a gamification with more chained contests.

You pay what you use. And till 1.000 users and 2 contests it will be free!

Start generating leads now, with Contest Dream.

Marketing office – Contest Dream

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