How to gain credibility on the Internet?

For a company, the Internet is now unavoidable whether you like it or not and it is crucial to show the reliability of your company thanks to this channel in the eyes of all. However, companies do not always exploit the qualities of their site, which diminishes their credibility with Internet users. Using web practices wisely generates trust among users, who can then become customers. Gaining credibility cannot be invented, so here are a few tips.

Show professionalism

When creating a website, most companies consider their platform as a site intended to disseminate only static information committing a commercial misunderstanding. A platform that is not very recent or that is not sufficiently updated not only shows a lack of professionalism but also an outdated image. To gain credibility, think about what image you want to convey through your visuals and do not hesitate to change them if they have become outdated because trends are constantly changing. A site with a modern design will have more impact on future customers but slow navigation is the first cause of disinterest. Be careful not to use images, from image banks, which are often seen and reviewed by Internet users and which lack originality and often do not highlight your company, its know-how.

Rely on your already existing customers

Credibility helps generate the confidence of your future customers. It obviously requires a good e-reputation. The best way to attract the attention of your prospects and show your reliability is to play on your image with your existing customers.

Let them express themselves on your site or on Google thanks to opinions or comments that represent a real pledge of trust with Internet users. As for restaurants with TripAdvisor reviews, sincere messages will allow your prospects to trust you to take the plunge and quote you as a reference.

Highlight your know-how

The Internet is such a vast platform that each user can find thousands of solutions to a single question. Don’t be impressed by your competitors on the web, they are not necessarily more credible than you. To stand out and convince users, put your expertise forward. Everybody can assert his expertise, but Internet users are looking for authenticity, specialization.

Put forward what you know how to do best, transmit original and judicious information. If you only copy and paste, you won’t appear more relevant than your competitors. To appeal to the reader, be clear and concise while keeping your originality.

Present your company brilliantly

Credibility is also gained by staging your company. For small structures, gain visibility by directly displaying photos of your teams. Internet users will feel closer to you thanks to the human side that you will be able to transmit. Sharing images of your premises and your team allows you to experience the dynamism of your company. On the Internet, your team will be the guarantor of your existence. If you have experts in your team, don’t forget to mention it. And then in the drop-down menu, it is essential to find information such as your story, your team, and your values so that a journalist who would like to talk about you can find content without having to do tedious research or a candidate may want to join you.

Continue to be active on the site and social networks

Credibility on the web remains difficult to achieve and cannot really be quantified with visits and conversion of prospects into customers. Yet it plays a necessary role for people who don’t know you beforehand.

To improve your image within such a vast platform as the internet, think about being active all the time. Social networks or an abandoned website will show a lack of dynamism. To have good SEO, it is useful to be active, which also plays a role in the Internet users who are aware that you are a company committed to daily life. This guarantee of quality is an essential point of a company’s credibility.  If you manage to be followed on networks such as Facebook or Twitter, you will become by boomerang effect an influencer, i.e. a person who is known and listened to in your sector of activity. From then on, your status as a reference will ensure you a credible image and why not new customers!

Master all aspects of your site

To appear relevant on the Internet as a business, you need to watch out for recurring errors that could cause you harm. As a first step, always pay attention to spelling mistakes on your site as well as in your posts on social networks. They are considered unprofessional. Just like spelling mistakes, it is necessary to master all facets of your site. Dead links, for example, can lead to a loss of credibility. On the Internet, this type of situation can be quite frequent but must be controlled quickly to prevent Internet users from categorizing you as a non-performing company. But also, regularly check the proper functioning of the links and the personalization of the 404 pages.

Appear first in Google results

To develop your credibility on the internet, it is necessary to work on your natural referencing. A good referencing of your website will allow you to be on the first page on certain Google queries. From then on, it is the famous search engine that will give you credibility! To obtain an optimum result you can entrust your web referencing to a specialized agency, or use AdWords ads, which will present your website in the most relevant searches.

Be in conformity with data protection

In order to build user confidence, it is preferable to be transparent on the Internet. To start, you can display your prices clearly. Such a practice can help you gain credibility if Internet users wish to analyze your prices. In another aspect, displaying your personal data processing can give you more weight with your prospects. The upcoming implementation of the RGPD (General Regulation on Data Protection) will lead to many changes. As a company, it is essential to take them into account. They will appreciate the gesture, Internet users are concerned about their data, and being transparent could be a credible argument in the eyes of your future customers.

While many people make purchases on the web, they like to learn about a company beforehand. The credibility of your structure on the Internet is an important role in the purchase decision. Knowing how to gain credibility is now becoming necessary for customers to develop confidence in you and your products.

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