How to get your emails read

How do you make sure, when you are a small business, that your e-mails are not thrown directly without being read? This is a difficult task. Your prospects will often be bombarded with a wide variety of e-mails and may be tempted to pay only limited attention to yours, to say the least. However, there are a few rules to follow to avoid sending your emails in a vacuum and to have a real impact.

Propose exclusive offers

For an email to be read, it must contain something of real value. It must be worth the cost of subscribing to your newsletter or reading your emails. If the benefit is too small, there is no doubt that your mail will be deleted directly.

Personalize your mails

The more general the email is, the less likely it is to be read. You need to make the recipient feel that the email is almost exclusively addressed to them. That you are not targeting them by chance. It is imperative to create different lists according to the characteristics of the prospects, their preferences, their interests, and their location. A good segmentation will significantly increase your opening rate.

An attractive and clear email subject

A good subject makes the difference compared to the hundreds of emails your prospect receives every month. It is therefore important to make it clear but above all attractive. It must express a sufficient reason for the email to be read. Do not hesitate to be provocative in the subject of the email. Be careful not to end up in spam directly, for example, avoid capital letters, dollar or euro symbols, exclamation marks, or question marks that follow one another or the words “free” or “gratuit”.

Express benefits directly

If your subject is effective and leads to the opening of the mail, you should immediately present the benefits to the reader. They must be directly reinforced in their idea that they did the right thing by opening your mail, whether it is a discount, a new product, or a major change.

Facilitate the reader’s action

Once they are convinced by your email, make it easy for readers to take advantage of the opportunity you offer them. A visible link should take them directly to the part of the site where the offer is available. The prospect should not have to make the slightest effort to find the offer.

Pay attention to the frequency of sending

Your emails should be rare enough to attract attention. If you send three “special offers” per week, they will hardly be considered special. It depends on your company, but in addition to your newsletter, your special offer emails should have a maximum of one monthly frequency to be really effective. Each time, ask yourself if what you offer is really valuable and will be considered an opportunity by the recipient of the email.

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