How to improve your SEO in 2020?

Better known under the name of natural referencing, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique to improve its position on search engines otherwise known as SERP. To succeed in having better visibility of its site, SEO is now an essential point to exploit. If the basics have become known, with the evolution of the Internet, it is necessary to understand all the new techniques.

Analyze the user’s habits

Since the advent of the Internet, SEO is starting to make itself known and most large companies have SEO experts to improve their visibility. Previously, the guidelines were relatively simple, but with the evolution of platforms, Internet users are becoming experts in navigation. To improve its referencing, it proves to be necessary to take into account the criteria relating to the visitor. They wish to have a quality site with an elaborate design and simple navigation. Thanks to the indicators concerning the visits of your site, you can now understand if it motivates the Net surfers to stay or not. Elements such as the bounce and conversion rate need to be particularly thorough. Based on the results, you will be able to analyze whether users leave your site quickly and what kind of navigation they are doing.

Leverage the user experience

After having widely studied the bounce rate and conversion rate of your visitors, it is a question of implementing techniques to improve the user experience and automatically your referencing. Very demanding, Internet users appreciate to be faced with a site with a weight and a fast loading. Sites that are too slow rarely meet an optimal success because Internet users are used to everything going fast, especially on the web. Once these elements are improved, it is a matter of perfecting from a design point of view. Users appreciate finding themselves in front of a clean site with modern graphics. Design is an essential factor, especially for the new generations, and it will make them want to come back. Search engines detect the number of visitors on your platform, the duration of the visits and it is obviously the natural referencing which allows better visibility.

Having a responsive site

Known as a must, it is useful to remember that a responsive site will be much better referenced. Most web consultations are now done via smartphones and tablets. A site that does not adapt to this type of tool generally has difficulty being well ranked. Users cannot navigate the site properly and prefer to quickly leave the page to go to the competitors. Search engines notice this and visits to your site decline. To avoid ending up on the last page, you just need to use a CMS that adapts your site to mobile versions or simply master the appropriate tools. Most search engines, especially Google, leave the first places to responsive sites that do not force the user to go to a computer.

Highlight its location

During searches, Internet users can find themselves in front of geolocalized data. Brands that have stores often stay ahead of the game, since Google offers their location so that the user can get there. This feature cannot be applied to everyone. Depending on what the user is looking for, linking his site to his different location(s) can put you in the top choices. A real advantage for sites, it also allows you to indicate the presence of offices, stores, and centers. The user therefore does not need to go all the way to the site. The information, given directly by Google on its page, also allows having good visibility.

Knowing how to take advantage of different mediums

SEO usually only makes you think about sites and text, yet visual content also helps you rank higher in search engines. They often have specialized tabs for photos and videos. It is important not to focus only on the main page and consider being able to go up in these categories as well. Producing and integrating videos or images on your website could help you to be better ranked in SERP submissions. SEO is also available for images, videos, or news. Not only do videos allow a better user experience since your content can be diversified but they also allow you to have better natural referencing.

Add explanatory videos to increase your conversion rate by 20%.

Explanatory videos are short videos that tell the story of a company or present a product.  They allow companies to transmit their know-how and values. According to a study, the average attention span is 8 seconds, which means that companies only have 8 seconds to capture attention with their landing pages. Your video must therefore have an excellent script to keep the attention: 8 seconds is equivalent to about every 20 words. You should know that the average explanatory video is watched for about 2.7 minutes. Explanatory videos will force you to be concise: 60 to 120 seconds, i.e. 150 to 300 words. This exercise is similar to the training of journalists in writing short stories and hats. The spirit of synthesis is essential.

Securing your site (HTTPS)

With the evolution of the Internet, the lack of security is also growing. To respond to such a problem, it is better to think about securing your site. Google recently announced that it will penalize unsecured sites that are not in https. In the summer of 2018, the search engine will display “unsecured” next to the proposals. The American giant is making this choice to guarantee its user’s safe visits. Take this into account to avoid seeing your referencing decline by this summer.

SEO is a must to succeed in standing out on the Internet. Difficult to set up, it will however guarantee you better visibility among Internet users and customers. Among all the elements that makeup SEO, the user experience is starting to grow and needs to be worked on. SEO experts are already considering changing SEO to SXO (Search Experience Optimization) which will focus primarily on the user experience. So get to your best designs and tools for optimized navigation and you will become a precursor of SXO.

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