How to build your community from scratch

We have a community linked to our private life but when we launch our business, we must develop a community linked to our business in order to acquire credibility, visibility, and notoriety. Not so obvious at this time of the connected world, it is essential for any company or brand wanting to ensure visibility, to ensure a strong online presence. Social networks and the creation and animation of a community have become essential. But it is far from obvious to build a community efficiently when you start from scratch. We will try to see here how to do it, from start to finish, avoiding some common mistakes.

Focus on clear objectives

It is important to set clear objectives so that you can focus exclusively on achieving them and not spread yourself too thin. Building a community can quickly become time and energy-consuming, and you have neither to waste. Define an overview of your company’s objectives and integrate the tools of social media, content, and SEO. Define what makes you unique, what drives you forward, and where the company needs to evolve in the months and years to come. Then determine as precisely as possible the type(s) of customers you want to target and win/keep. Identify their needs and expectations.

Build a strong team

It is imperative to build a team that will work towards the achievement of the defined objectives. Building a community is a heavy workload, and the various key roles, such as project management, community management, content writing, and SEO, will have to be shared among several people. It is important that everyone on the team be a volunteer. Given the workload, it requires motivated and involved people, whose members know the company’s business sector inside out.

Creating value through your content

Apart from a few articles describing your business, the content you will produce should not be for you, but for your customers. You need to focus on their needs and create quality content accordingly. If you’re talking to bakers because you make bread ovens, don’t brag about your designs. Create the content on “how to make good bread” for example, and indirectly praise the qualities of your products. But the content must be interesting before you can sell it. If your articles all look like sales brochures, you won’t attract anyone. Also think about SEO, SEO when you create content.

Increase the number of community members

Community development requires a certain amount of investment. The first members will be very important because they are the ones who, by word of mouth, will decide its evolution. The first ones will be selected from your close relations: friends, colleagues, very close customers. They should be invited and encouraged to recommend their relatives to join the community. It is best to avoid less direct means, such as the press or Facebook, as they will lead to less lasting relationships and less involved members.

Once the community has grown, the most important thing is to continue to listen to its members, to give them an important place, and to exchange with them. The organization of physical meetings will also help to strengthen the cohesion of the community and build a strong and lasting relationship. It is at this price that the community will endure and develop.

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