Journey Online – Patch Notes For Alpha 0.1.9

And here it is a new patch for Journey Online App!

New features:
  • Our lovely barmaid Diana has agreed to help us train new Guild leaders! She will be giving you a tour around the Tavern, helping new players understand how things work in Journey Online, you can also talk to her and she will tell you which events are currently going on, employee of the month material right there!

  • The game now has a spiffy new icon so it makes your phone home screen look beautiful as you put it in the centre for better visibility!
  • We added FOUR new tiers of equipment! No more worn armours and shoddy shields,  now you can equip items of Novice, Adventurer, Gold or Spirit level, I just hope you are high enough level for them!
  • To complement this new mountain of maces and sea of swords, we have updated the item upgrade and item equip UI, what a load of.. ladders?
Bug fixes and Quality of Life improvements:
  • When opening chests, it should now return you to the chest screen instead of the tavern, same with fighting while on an Adventure, this should make things go smoother.
  • Our Adventure Shadows had sporadic cases of mistaken identity, we told them to stop fooling around.
  • We fixed a couple of behind the scenes bugs that the Goblins left behind, hopefully one day they will face justice for their crimes.

Most of this patch is the result of the excellent feedback we have been receiving from our Closed Alpha testers, thank you all again and hopefully this will inspire the new players to provide feedback as well!

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By spela.mermolja

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