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Increase the conversion of your advertising campaign through Enkronos Apps

Investments in advertising are a fundamental aspect for a company’s business. Their return therefore constitutes the key to the success of any campaign to achieve the objective set, be it brand awareness, or the launch of a new line, or the sale of a product.

The key success factors of advertising on the one hand are the ability to convert the contacts reached by the campaign and on the other by the ability to establish an ongoing relationship with those who could become regular and loyal customers.

Digital advertising in particular becomes increasingly competitive and its performance becomes a challenge that every day becomes more difficult to win.

Just think, for example, that YouTube has over 1 billion users and that people watch 50% more videos on the platform year after year. For marketers and entrepreneurs, this is a huge opportunity to communicate to their audience. Yet … YouTube advertisements are constantly losing potential as 70% of people skip them and the growing trend to ad blocking means that a large audience can’t even see your ad.

That’s why we thought it wise to solve this dilemma that is increasingly causing headaches to marketing managers and digital advertising agencies.

Enkronos has therefore developed a rich set of tools – called Enkronos Apps – that allow companies (and their communication agencies) to respond to these needs, allowing them to create a true audience that can quickly create the secret of their success.

These applications have been created for use in any mode, from expert geeks, to managers who want a complete and perfect service.

Where companies have teams with the right IT and marketing skills, they can directly configure their use in their advertising campaigns, whether they are based on “traditional” methods of digital advertising or if they use methods such as innovative influencer marketing.

In the case of customers who prefer to manage such activities with a “turnkey” formula, Enkronos ensures the complete creation of the advertising campaign in all its aspects, finally making available a complete panel through which the company can then interact with your audience that will have been created.

In particular, with regard to influencer marketing campaigns, Enkronos provides McAudience, a solution for the complete management from A to Z of all the activities necessary for the creation and management of the campaign.

Consider that for every euro spent on influencer marketing, a business makes 6.85. There is therefore no wonder that the influencer marketing has a return with a ROI (return on investments) 11 times higher than traditional digital marketing methods.

So what are you waiting for to enter the new world of efficient and effective online advertising?

Interested Companies can contact us through the institutional website of Enkronos,, or through the McAudience website, they will then be contacted by our team of specialists to receive a proposal in line with your needs.

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Gianluca Busato

Enkronos CEO

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