Netflix will pay an artificial intelligence specialist $ 900,000 a year

The digital content platform Netflix has published a job posting for an artificial intelligence specialist who will receive a salary of up to 900 thousand dollars a year.

Global internet television network Netflix has posted a job posting for an artificial intelligence specialist who will receive a salary of up to $900,000 per year.

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According to the BBC’s report, Netflix has opened a job posting for the position of product manager experienced in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

His job descriptions included the task of “collecting and capturing user feedback” to be able to develop the algorithm that helps Netflix users choose a TV show or movie.

In the advertisement, it was stated that the salary for the relevant position could reach 900 thousand dollars per year.

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It was not specified whether the artificial intelligence specialist to be hired would work in the production process of Netflix series and movies.

Actors and writers striking in Hollywood reacted to the announcement

Actors and screenwriters in Hollywood, who went on strike on the grounds of job guarantee and salary security, reacted to the salary that Netflix planned to give to the artificial intelligence specialist.

Speaking to The Intercept news site, famous actor and comedian Rob Delaney, regarding the advertisement, said, “While 35 actors and their families can be covered by SAG-AFTRA health insurance for 900,000 dollars a year, it is terrible that they give that amount to irreligious AI army soldiers.” said.

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The joint strike initiated by the White Screen Actors Association (SAG) and American Television, Radio Artists (AFTRA) on the grounds of job guarantee and salary assurance in the USA and including the American Screenwriters Association (WGA), studios of global internet television networks such as Amazon, MAX and Netflix. and continues in front of their offices.

The strike is thought to result in Hollywood’s industry-wide “closure” for the first time since 1960, delaying TV and movie screenings, and causing financial damage to producer companies.

Strikes of screenwriters and actors in Hollywood

In the joint message published on the website of SAG-AFTRA, it was announced that a step was taken for a strike decision as the negotiations with AMPTP regarding the salary and job security of the artists were inconclusive.

A strike was held in the city of Los Angeles on July 15, as they could not get any results from the negotiations they had with the television producer companies demanding job guarantee and salary security.

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WGA also announced that they went on strike on May 2 on the grounds that they were working under more difficult conditions in recent years, when there was a rapid increase in annual TV series and film production, and they were paid less in return, and then the two strikes were combined.

The last time the screenwriters went on strike was in 2007, and the 100-day layoff of employees caused about $ 2 billion in losses.

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