What is Online Advertising? What are the Types and Advantages?

In the changing and developing world, technology has changed the way of doing business, doing, and functioning as well as changing human life in all dimensions. Advertising is one of the sectors that get its share of this change. In this article, what is Online Advertising? we will answer the question.

The change and development in digital technology has greatly transformed the advertising sector. Traditional advertising has been replaced by a new type of advertising called Online Advertising. So, what is Online Advertising? In this article, we will make an evaluation of the new generation advertising with a focus on what it is. In addition, we will answer the question “What are the types of Online Advertising?” and “What are the advantages and disadvantages of Online Advertising?”.

What is Online Advertising?

All the advertising activities carried out by individuals or companies with a corporate / personal brand to bring the products and / or services they offer together with real and / or potential customers in online media are called Online Advertising.

Thanks to Online Advertising, which is one of the most popular and most preferred advertising activities today, both brands and customers get rid of restrictions such as space and time. It is a part of digital strategy.

Various platforms, channels and third-party software are used for Online Advertising, which can be analyzed and targeted based on many metrics, especially demographic targeting.

What are the Types of Online Advertising?

After making a brief but descriptive definition of the concept of Online Advertising, we will now talk about its types. These are

Now let’s talk about the types of Online Advertising respectively.

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Search Engine Advertising (SEM)

This is the most preferred type of advertisement among the types of Online Advertising. These adverts are displayed because of searches made by users in search engines as “sponsored links”.

What the advertiser needs to do is to define keywords for the product, service, etc. to be advertised. The key point for search engine adverts to reach the purpose efficiently is that the advertisement is linked to the advertised subject. In addition, it is necessary to predict how or how the target audience will search for the advertised product, service, etc. Of course, various tools, especially Google Keyword Tool, should be used here.

Content Network Ads

Here, together with the advertiser, there is also a broadcasting organization. The advertisements given by the advertiser start to be displayed by adding the necessary codes to the publisher’s website. These adverts are charged like search engine adverts. However, content network adverts may not show an action such as the return of search engine adverts to sales. Therefore, this type of advertisement should be aimed at communication and marketing, i.e., awareness, rather than sales.

Social Media Ads

This type of advertisement; With the increasing frequency of use of social media, it has become one of the best, or rather one of the most efficient types of online advertising. One of the advantages of social media advertisements is that the advertiser can determine the target audience in the focus of the social network and offer an advertisement study only for this audience.

E-Mail Campaigns

After signing up to mailing lists related to the topics that individuals are interested in, advertising mails sent to those on this list are also a type of online advertising. E-mail advertisements are direct promotional advertisements. And only those who are interested are sent. Although they are not returned as much as search engine advertisements because they are sent to a limited number of people, there may be positive feedback in e-mail advertising because it is generally intended to attract the attention of the audience interested in a particular subject.

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Advantages of Online Advertising

Online advertising has many advantages for advertisers. Some of the advantages of Online Advertising are as follows.

  • It can be optimized.
  • It creates awareness.
  • It provides fast results in a short time.
  • It can be measured.
  • All metrics can be analyzed to the finest detail.
  • Allows advertising according to the budget.
  • Increases sales.
  • Provides awareness.
  • Builds credibility.
  • It provides to be more effective, interactive, and long-lasting with less cost.
  • Creates a communication network between real/potential customers and the brand.
  • It enables contacting and selling to customers from any location without time and place restrictions.

Disadvantages of Online Advertising

Although there are many advantages that we have counted and we cannot count more, Online Advertising also has disadvantages. Some of these are as follows.

  • Having a time limit on internet adverts.
  • The fact that there is still a large audience that does not trust online shopping
  • Cost failures since budgeting studies for Online Advertising are not done correctly and strategically.
  • Click fraud.
  • Constantly changing and updated digital dynamics.
  • Lack of information.
  • Causing financial losses due to not controlling the budget.

In this article, which aims to raise awareness about online advertising, we answered the questions “what is it?”, “why is it important?” We also talked about the advantages and disadvantages of online advertising. We did not go into details about technical information transfer, that is, “how to do it?” Because we are considering a separate article for each title.

Will You Start Online Advertising?

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