What is SaaS in 4 topics? What are the benefits?

SaaS: Software as a service.

It is a distribution model in which you purchase any software you use and use it as a periodic subscriber to the “service” of the software manufacturer, rather than an infrastructure where you provide all the resources it needs to run.

Of course, the popularity this model has gained in the industry is not a coincidence. We would like to talk about some of the features of SaaS that cure various problems of consumers / users and manufacturers.

Exploring the World of SaaS: Understanding Software as a Service and its Various Applications


Thanks to this model, you can concentrate only on the benefits of the software you will use, avoid all costs related to its operation, and assign all of these tasks to the service provider. When talking about cost here, it is necessary to consider not only the costs such as the data center where you will keep the system, the server you will use, and bandwidth, but also the entire gross cost of the personnel who will do these jobs. In addition, the risks of procedures such as backup and scaling can also be evaluated as costs from the same perspective.

Of course, these things don’t disappear just because you don’t do them. The team from whom you purchased the software service takes responsibility for these tasks and pays for them, but since it maintains the same software for more than one user, thanks to economies of scale, it reduces the unit cost and provides relatively more affordable prices to the user. As a natural result, since the service provider will always work with the latest technologies to optimize its business processes, the user receives a quality of service that he or she would have difficulty achieving with his or her own resources.

Big Data, the new digital revolution for businesses

Freedom to Leave & Your Data

One of the issues that should be taken into consideration in the software you purchase as a service is your own data. When using the program, it is important that you have a contract that clearly separates the data you process from the software itself. If you stop using the software within the scope of the provisions determined by your contract, it is necessary to set a rule regarding the data accumulated in the system. In addition, the confidentiality of this data is very important for almost all sectors.

As Enkronos, in any situation where our contract is terminated, we deliver our customer’s information within the system to the user in one of the modern database formats and delete it from Enkronos servers. We irreversibly destroy all backups, shake hands and leave. Thanks to this exit plan, we preserve our customer’s freedom to change their decision. While our contract continues, we guarantee all user data thanks to the confidentiality provisions of our contract, and we do not disrupt the delicate balance in candidate-consultant-employer communication in the recruitment industry.

Digitalization at the heart of Human Resources

Sustainability: Maintenance and Updates

Thanks to the SaaS model, you are included in an ecosystem consisting of companies/users in your industry with the same needs as you, instead of an isolated environment that you set up on your own machines. In fact, you become the customer of a software team that creates value by serving this ecosystem. Even better, this team often sees continuous improvement as one of its core values, as it will pay off in sustainable quality service. It makes continuous improvements by taking advantage of the feedback of the ecosystem you are a part of. Maybe it makes some productivity increasing features available in the system that you are not even aware of.

In the case of Enkronos, there is another advantage provided by this situation. Recruitment teams, unfortunately, cannot make sufficient use of companies’ IT resources. Since the IT department generally focuses on issues that appear to be the primary need in the company’s strategy, it does not have time for adequate research, development and updates. However, as a team, we only focus on the world of recruitment and constantly research the innovations brought by technology. We prioritize the applicable ones and activate them on the platform we make available for your use. In doing this, we can stay in touch with other functions of your company, providing the necessary tools for your team to do their best work.

Platform Independent, Easy-to-Use Systems

Due to its nature, the SaaS model is generally used over the internet. An internet browser will be sufficient to use the software. Thus, it does not require heavy installations or updates on your team’s computers. You can continue your work from any environment or even device with an internet connection. You can access the most up-to-date version of the software at any time.It goes without saying that if the software you purchase offers a carefully designed structure in terms of user experience, you will be very profitable in terms of training time and costs. User experience is another plus of SaaS systems. Since systems are constantly being developed and this development is due entirely to user feedback, they will be much more compatible than software you produce with your own computing resources or structures that you purchase once and have to pay for each version transition.

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