Mobile Marketing: How to improve your company’s marketing with an App?

Marketing professionals will know how complicated it can be to build customer loyalty, or create the image of your brand in the mind of the consumer… In short, how to make your brand recognized and grow, and generate greater engagement. The solution to boost your brand is here, meet Mobile Marketing.

What is Mobile Marketing?

It is no news that nowadays the use of cell phones is indispensable. The boom of mobile applications has skyrocketed in recent years and more and more brands are betting on digitization through Apps in order to attract and retain customers.

But… What exactly is Mobile Marketing? We could define it as a set of online marketing actions and techniques aimed at mobile devices. This new way of creating marketing campaigns has become a success, due to the ease of access to the Internet and the great capacity to attract and retain customers. App marketing aims to attract as many users as possible to an app or widget to generate revenue. A key strategy of Mobile Marketing is the design and development of Marketing Apps, in order to achieve the objectives mentioned above.

Mobile development – but how? An attempt to find the right approach

Why do you need a Marketing App?

You don’t have a Marketing App. Well believe us, the benefits you are missing out on are huge. But keep calm, it’s never too late, and at Enkronos we will be your partner in this challenge that will boost your business.

We know how complicated customer loyalty can be; to be able to retain all those customers who have trusted you to buy a product or hire a service, and also to have a positive experience with your brand. That is why online marketing strategies achieve good results in the final conversion, both in e-commerce and in the real store.

Wanting to solve day-to-day marketing problems, and create successful campaigns can be achieved with the development of an App. And if not look at 5 examples of the most successful Mobile Marketing campaigns.

With the amount of people in every corner of the world, spending time with their Smartphone, it is necessary for companies to give them apps and websites that can be used and navigated with ease, and in fact, that is what they are looking for, where with a simple touch on the screen they can do great things and get great results.

Benefits of a Marketing App

Personalization for users

The design and development of many Apps is a process focused on getting the highest conversion rate from the users that use them.

The App has to stand out from the rest, with an attractive design that will make the user feel visually involved in its use. The application can have one or several objectives, however, the important thing is to maintain an attractive and easy to navigate interface to improve the user experience.

It can be complicated to design the prototype of the App, that is to say, the visual design with animations, transitions etc. But there is nothing that our UX-UI designer can’t do, and he will use all his talent to give a creative, animated and appealing image to the customer.

The machine learning technologies that we use in Enkronos, allow us to predict what will be the behavior of users in the interface and analyze it automatically, based on pre-established variables. In other words, thanks to the data collected, it will be possible to know when the best time is to send notifications, or to know what kind of products their favorites or what kind of messages are increase the opening of the application.

Imagine, you would have under your control the power to be more efficient and more competitive among companies in the sector, also generating greater recognition of your brand.

Increased engagement

A mobile App is the key to reflect the interactions that users have with the published content, that is, engagement. One of the keys to the success of the App is to make the user feel cared for, and that their preferences or tastes are considered. Therefore, another of the benefits of an App is that it allows us to evaluate the participation and the relationship with the public.

The implementation of campaigns with discounts and special promotions are very effective in Apps, as well as offering the opportunity to interact with the content through comments, product evaluations, etc.

Regarding this previous topic, it is proven that launching promotions in your App helps to increase sales because: it increases traffic in the store, rewards App downloads, generates loyalty and commitment to the brand, encourages repeat sales, etc.

We will give you a very clear example, which I’m sure you know: the McDonald’s App. The mobile marketing campaign launched by McDonald’s consisted of being able to buy free fries any Friday throughout the year. The only drawback was that customers had to spend a minimum of $1 and place the order through the App. Once users had downloaded the App, the fast-food chain continued to offer discounts and deals, so that users kept the App installed and built brand loyalty with them. Thanks to this campaign, McDonald’s experienced an increase in daily App usage from 20% to 40% in a matter of months.

Advertising on Google Ads

Thanks to in-app notifications, users will be able to see key messages and thus promote their interaction with the content. We could even include a message section or inbox within your App, to receive information related to the brand. Push notifications are those that appear on the lock screen of cell phones. With these notifications we will get users to reopen the application.

With the incorporation of these functionalities, we will obtain information that will allow us to impact users in other online advertising media such as Google Ads. This will expand the reach of campaigns at different times and environments in relation to the content you are looking for.

In conclusion, we will be able to obtain potential leads as well as to build customer loyalty.

Mobile Application Development Platforms

User loyalty

Sometimes one of the mistakes we can make as marketing managers is to try to attract new customers instead of building loyalty with the ones we already have. Gaining the full trust of a user is difficult, although, once we achieve it, the benefits we can obtain if we continue to support them are very high. A customer to whom we offer continuity, through an App, so that he continues to obtain products repeatedly and is listened to, will always recommend us.

Betting on loyalty is an investment that always pays off, since the cost of keeping a loyal customer is always much lower than that of attracting a new one.

The best advertising is sometimes word of mouth, and if we have happy customers with our brand, we will get them to recommend us to their environment and thus expand the recognition of our brand.

Brand recognition

Your brand is a key element, differentiated and unique, and contributes to develop a strategy capable of placing you ahead of the competition. It is necessary to implement a brand strategy and follow certain strategies that will help you build a solid and successful brand.

And by now you will know how to achieve it… With a creative and innovative mobile App! The growth of a personal brand is closely linked to its capacity for visibility and interaction with others. It is necessary to promote the brand in order to be known and to reach the widest possible audience.

It is obvious that you have to develop a community around your brand. Both on your Web and mobile App you have to promote the message of your brand, so that it can get through to people, so that they comment, generate interaction and, in conclusion, so that they talk about the company.

Follow the mobile applications sector

Growth Hacking

Growth hacking is a set of techniques and tools that seek to generate rapid growth of users, revenue or impacts for a company, all with minimal expense and effort.

We want your App and consequently your brand to grow and grow fast. When we publish a mobile App in the Store, getting the initial uncertainty to reach many downloads can be complicated. The App market is so competitive and large that only a privileged few manage to reach the top of the App market. But don’t panic, we are by your side in this great challenge.

From Enkronos we implement several Growth Hacking techniques that will ensure maximum visibility in both Google Play and AppStore. In addition, we will carry out advertising campaigns on social networks with the support of influencers to acquire the largest number of downloads and users of your App. We will also write and publish press releases and digital articles where your target user is to read about your app and motivate them to download it. And finally, we will train you and help you to answer the comments that your users leave in the app markets (Google Play and AppStore) to control the reputation and image of your App.

The benefits of Mobile Marketing are endless. Having a mobile App will propel your current digital marketing campaign and all those to come. The investment in the App will be recovered and will expand the benefits by far and will achieve everything your brand needs to be more recognized, among others. At Enkronos we will help you achieve success with your App, contact us!

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