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The new generations navigate with recognized ease on their mobile. Smartphones have become powerful in barely a decade, and it must be acknowledged that applications are essentially part of this craze. Whether games, everyday applications or even social networks, they are becoming ubiquitous in the use of the Internet. Launching an application for a company can increase its visibility to considerably develop its business. But before you start, what are the questions to ask yourself when you are not a pro in the sector?

Who will download the application?

An application is presented as a marketing tool. In this field, the target is always one of the priorities. Download platforms contain a wide variety of applications. Depending on what you want to offer through your platform, you will have to target a category of people. Indeed, the use of smartphones differs according to age groups. If your service is aimed at the younger generation, it’s best to focus on a clean design, easy navigation and an eye-catching concept because they favor anything that is a sign of immediacy. On the other hand, if you are addressing the baby boom generation, they have a rhythm that leads them to take their time and therefore to look serenely at the pages to better decide. Although your application in all cases requires care, the needs of different generations differ some are more interested in the concept than the user experience.

Why download it?

This question helps to understand what the user might be interested in so that he can make the leap to download. Contrary to websites, it is rather rare that a user comes across your application by chance. As with any product, an application must be able to correspond to a need or desire. Before choosing an application, it is essential to ask yourself the essential question “Why download my application? “The answers will help you to know how to stand out from your competitors. Generating a download decision is not an easy task but knowing the added value(s) of your application will help you understand how the user will choose it and why they will choose it.

Is there user demand?

Applications differ depending on what you want to do with them. Sometimes they can enhance a company, a site or simply be your concept on its own. Depending on what you want to do with it, you will not have the same expectations, and neither will the users. It is then a question of asking yourself if your type of application meets a demand and to which one. You could analyze the reasons that lead your competitors to rely on this application and the reasons why users take it. Don’t hesitate to do some research to understand what’s downloading in terms of free or paid applications.

Who to develop the application?

Although the development of applications is in full expansion, it is not given to everyone to be able to make its own platform. The necessary skills can sometimes be acquired with perseverance, but if you’re just starting out, this type of project can be time-consuming. If it is an essential application for your concept, it will be preferable to call upon professionals. At the very least, you will need a developer as well as a graphic designer. If you don’t want to hire them in-house, then you can go for freelancers. However, be sure to find out before you start and only present a summary of what you plan to develop. Don’t release a full brief before you have even signed a contract with the freelancer.

How to give it visibility?

This question can be really scary especially if your application is an integral part of your concept. Like any marketing issue, it is a question of being able to put yourself forward on the download platforms that abound with different applications. In order to stand out from possible competitors, you must succeed in targeting your application with the right keyword. After using the keyword, users will then be able to find the presentation of your application, which must be clear and concise in order to convince easily.

Paid or free?

On iOS and Android download platforms, you have the possibility to make the application free or paid. Depending on the option you want to choose, you will be able to stand out from the users’ searches. Contrary to popular belief, paid applications are better ranked, but they require a perfectly developed concept and a powerful navigation. Users tend to be reluctant to download a paid platform if they are not familiar with it. That’s why leaving the possibility to comment on your application will prove useful, once the download is done. Reviews will give an idea of the quality of your platform.

Asking the right questions remains essential before starting to develop an application. You may be competent enough to develop it on your own, but it still requires a strategy to make it visible. A download regularly provokes questions from the user. Promising them that they will be satisfied requires that you plan the communication and marketing around your application.

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