The ‘influencer’ world from A to Z

E-commerce has brought with it new marketing techniques. One of them is influencing. Interest in influencing, which is defined as influencer marketing, is increasing day by day. Social media celebrities (influencers) are knocking on the door for the most effective campaign with a budget of a few thousands of dollars. So, how will it be possible to profit from these social media campaigns? Take influencer marketing from A to Z.

Effective influencer marketing on Instagram [+ examples]

Success in e-commerce depends on using digital marketing effectively. Social media marketing is one of the most effective methods used by brands to sell and promote their products and services. With the influence of 360 million social media users in Europe, influencer marketing has recently become the most preferred marketing method. Influencers, which we can call social media celebrities, become the companions of brands to try a new product for the consumer, to ensure that the products are discovered or to create a bond of trust with the consumer. The influencer world is categorized according to the number of followers. Those with more than 10 thousand followers are called macro influencers, and those below 10 thousand are called micro influencers. Last year, $3 billion spent on promotional and marketing campaigns through the influencer world, which has grown by 37 percent in the last five years. By 2024, the influencer economy is expected to reach $16 billion worldwide.

Influencer marketing is expected to become more widespread in the coming period. The most important reason for this is its active role in sales. The consumer decides to purchase the product shared by social media influencers at a high rate of 36 percent. This rate reaches 42 for women. In other words, it can be easily said that influencer marketing has a very high power of influencing the consumer.

As such, the competition for influencer marketing between brands in e-commerce is also increasing; Social media celebrities are knocking on the door for the most effective campaign with budgets of hundreds of thousands of TL, but profiting from the campaign is only possible with the right marketing strategy. The secret of success in the field of influencer marketing is not the high budget and the most famous influencer, but the affiliate marketing.

Social media’s most influential influencers and brands are changing

One of the most preferred methods when it comes to influencer marketing is Affiliate Marketing, that is, affiliate marketing. Social media celebrities share a website that can be purchased for the product they try or promote and receive a commission from the brand per visitor. This method is frequently used in marketplaces, but all e-commerce sites can use this method if they wish. E-commerce infrastructure providers have started to develop products for this as well. Affiliate Marketing which is based on the share received in accordance with the agreement made from the sale of the recommended product and service in Influencer marketing campaigns, provides significant returns to brands. The important thing here is the right influencer and target audience research. For the brands that will be new to the field, “Influencer campaigns with large budgets and high followers do not always achieve success. The important thing is to ensure the sale of the product and service, to direct the consumer to the brand’s site and to increase awareness; all this is done by partnering with an influencer.

In influencer marketing campaigns, the social media celebrity demands a fixed fee for sharing in proportion to the number of followers, while in the affiliate marketing method, regardless of the number of followers, the influencer earns income from the campaign to the brand. Well, what kind of strategy should brands that are newly involved in the system follow in affiliate marketing, which offers budget and recognition advantages in campaigns?

Influencer marketing in your ecommerce campaigns


When entering this field, brands are well-known, with millions and more followers; On the other hand, he desires to work with influencers who charge high fees per share. He has a belief that his brands are more valuable only when they come together with this name. But the first rule of digital marketing is “To present the right product and service with the right influencer.” At this point, making a big-budget deal with an influencer who has millions of followers but has an active following rate ten or even a hundred times less than a social media celebrity doesn’t always make a profit for brands. On the contrary, this situation can turn into a very expensive experience that the brand earns very hard on how to do wrong marketing. Therefore, brands When marketing a product or service, it should definitely focus on affiliate marketing. Thus, the more the social media celebrity sells the product he promotes/recommends, the more he is aware of the higher his earnings and the more focused he is on success.

What is influencer marketing and how can you take advantage of it?


It can be said that the subject of affiliate marketing is not always an easily accepted and agreed area for influencers. The social media celebrity needs to test himself with this method and test his followers in terms of both likes and buying behavior. Affiliate marketing involves sharing the profit from the sale of a brand’s product and service with the influencer as per the agreement. With this method, which is especially preferred by e-commerce sites, the influencer acts as a team member of that brand and strives to sell the product and service more. Brands also do not fall into financial difficulties at the point of promotion by not giving their large promotional budgets from the beginning. The important thing is to find the appropriate influencer for the product and service. Here;

  • Target audience detection
  • Complete description of the product and service
  • Choosing the right sales place to be directed
  • Price and performance evaluation is of great importance

After the implementation of all these elements, it is necessary to sign a long-term campaign in one or more of the channels such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube, which have many members in Turkey.

Avoid these mistakes

CEO, who also talked about the mistakes that can be made about affiliate marketing (sales-revenue partnership system) to brands, made the following warnings: “There are some points to be considered when doing affiliate marketing. Since you will direct consumers to your site especially for products and services, the shopping security of the site should be reviewed before the campaign, and technical measures should be taken to keep the site’s performance at a high level. At the same time, the wrong area should not be chosen for the campaign, the content should not be missing, the SEO rules should be fully fulfilled, unrealistic figures should not be reached in the income target, and efforts to increase the audience should not be ignored. If these points are also taken into consideration and professionals are worked with, brands can make serious profits while doing affiliate marketing.

Successful campaign subtracts click cost from turnover

CEO of Digital Exchange, who defines the most important indicator of a campaign with a properly used budget as “the cost of one click in a marketing campaign is lower than the price of purchasing that product”, made the following suggestions to SMEs: It is very important to detect. The world’s highest-paid and most famous social media celebrity is Cristiano Ronaldo, who plays for Manchester United. The famous football player, who has 434 million followers on Instagram, demands 1.6 million dollars for a share. As a Turkish brand, you can find this budget to take part in Ronaldo’s story or sharing; but if the service and product you will sell do not meet the sales rate that will come from clicking on your site in Ronaldo’s share, then you will be at a loss. If you allocate a budget of 100 thousand TL for an influencer and get a turnover of 40 thousand TL in return, you will leave the campaign with a loss of 60 thousand TL. But if you get 250 thousand TL of sales in return for the campaign, it will bring you a profit of 15 TL per click. This is how the campaign that benefits the brand is budgeted. Therefore, making an influencer campaign with professional teams always provides added value to the brands.”

Making the right choices

The first rule in digital marketing is to determine the target audience. The first question to be addressed when marketing for a brand is to determine the target audience. You can see it as buttoning the first button of a shirt correctly. If a mistake is made from the beginning, the whole system will run incorrectly and the desired result cannot be obtained. Therefore, the responsibilities of a brand are as follows:

  • Marketing must choose the right product and service.
  • It should determine which audience it will offer this product and service to.
  • It should measure the purchasing power and purchasing desire of the target audience.
  • Influencers, whom the audience will see as an opinion leader, should be selected.
  • The content of the campaign, in which the influencer will fully address the audience, should be determined.
  • The campaign should be launched in the right social media space, at the right time.
  • It should be known whether the brand awareness will be increased with the campaign or whether it will lead to product sales.
  • Realized marketing results should be analyzed and used for future campaigns.

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